It’s time for an in-between-isode, otherwise known as an interruption to normal programming! If you’ve been listening long, you’ll know Series 2 is all about Podcasting equipment, taking you through the audio chain from start to finish. Well, this is a little break from the techie chat, and instead a conversation with the founder of the UK Podcaster’s Community, Mike Russell.

mike-russell-mrc-600x399Mike Russell, along with his wife, Izabel, run Music Radio Creative, one of the best known audio branding, audio production and voice-over companies on the market. Somehow, alongside running MRC, they’ve found time to start and nurture the biggest Podcasting community currently in the UK. Most recently this led to the amazing UK Podcaster’s conference which happened in Birmingham in August, at which I was luckily enough to be a speaker.

During this episode Mike and I cover a lot of ground, ranging through how podcasting is developing in the UK and how we compare to the states, to the development of podcasting listening habits and platforms. I had a great time talking Podcasting with Mike, so I hope you find a few things of interest in there too.

As always, gimme feedback! Let me know what you think. I’d love to get more callers on the show, so send me an audio question. Record yourself and send me the MP3 at podcraft (at) Talk soon!