Description: This week I’m talking to Tom Evans of The Zone Show. Tom is a prolific podcaster, having reached 232 episodes in just 3 years, and he has experimented with various ways to monetise the show through that time. On the episode, I talk to him about creating sponsored content within any industry, about the dangers of dynamic advertising and some examples of how he has earned a lot of benefit through the network his show has developed.

The sponsored content examples are really interesting to me. We delve into the numbers, exploring what it’s possible to charge product creators or service providers to help them create a great interview that showcases their work.

I also delved a little into Tom’s wellness expertise and asked him how he keeps his energy up during long recording or creative sessions. That’s something I know a lot of our audience struggle with, especially those that do batch planning and recording.

Finally, gleaned some insight into how meditation can be helpful for podcasters. There are certainly no shortage of backers in the Podcasting world right now, with Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose as two big examples.

You can find Tom’s work at, or look up his range of meditations at If you want to follow up with a question or comment, drop Tom a line at @thebookwright and find me at @thepodcasthost.

Thanks for listening!