This is Series 4 of PodCraft, where I’m exploring planning and presenting your Podcasting content. It’s time to concentrate on the message!

Launching a Podcast: Designing Your Podcasting Strategy, from Audience to AimsIn this episode we’re starting the content planning process with first principles: what does your podcast do? This is going right back to basics and defining our Podcast, including our who we’re speaking to (our target audience), what its aims are (are you selling, teaching, entertaining?), our format (daily, weekly, interview, solo…) and much more. Only with a really solid podcast definition, or strategy as we often call it, can we make sure we deliver content that really engages our audience week after week.

This definition also allows for much more easy evaluation, something which, if you’re running a business podcast, is key. That’s not to say evaluation isn’t relevant to hobby podcasters: the question, “Is this worth my time?” should be relevant to anyone, even if the answer is, “Yes, just because I really enjoy it!”.

Excellence Expected

In this episode I’m talking to Mark Asquith from the Excellence Expected Podcast. Mark is an experienced digital marketer, running his own agency, and recently he’s turned his eye to podcasting. I thought that with his background, and the recent success of his podcast, he’d be the ideal guy to speak to about defining a podcast strategy. In the episode we cover how to go about defining your podcast, so that you can get off on the right foot.

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