On this week’s PodCraft we’re talking Mixers – when and if you might want one. It’s not cut and dry by any means! Let’s look at the arguments.

When Might You Think About Getting a Mixer?

mixer for podcastingHere are the reasons you might want to go ahead and starting looking at mixers:

  • You want more audio inputs – eg. more microphones, along with Music, Skype, etc
  • You want more control over those inputs, such as levels, EQ, compression, etc
  • You want to start using pro level equipment, such as XLR condenser microphones that need phantom power
  • You want to increase reliability and quality
  • You want to cut the computer out of the equation
  • You want to live produce, creating your show like a radio show, cutting down on editing.

In the show I go through all of these, and how a mixer can solve the problem.

Why Might you NOT Want a Mixer?

There are plenty of reasons NOT to get a mixer, such as:

  • Cost – mixers, decent ones that is, are expensive
  • equipment – old stuff will become redundant (USB mics) and you’ll need a lot of new bits (good cables mainly!)
  • Inertia – that thing isn’t going anywhere. Do you need to be mobile, recording out and about?

Which Mixer Should I go For?

Here are the mixers I talk about on the show. Make sure to have a listen to find out which one would suit you – I don’t necessarily recommend all of these!

Resources Mentioned on the Show

The main thing mentioned this week was a resource by the most excellent Ray Ortega from The Podcasters’ Studio. I’m no stranger to creating a good explainer video, but why bother when there’s one as good as this out there. Go check out Ray’s mix-minus training video if you want to know how to set it up yourself.

Struggling to Choose & Use Your Podcast Equipment?

Pick the right gear, and learn how it works: from USB mics to mixers.

Check out The Podcast Host Academy

Let Me Know What You Think!

Please, please, please drop me a comment below to let me know what you think and to ask any further questions about mixers. If you use a mixer already, let me know which one and why you like it. I’d love to know.

Finally, if you could leave me a review on iTunes I’d be so grateful – it really helps to get my podcast out there to more people.

Thanks again for listening and I’ll see you on the next episode!

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