In this episode I’m talking to Joanna Penn of ‘The Creative Penn Podcast‘ about monetisation methods for podcasting. Joanna runs one of the UK’s longest lasting shows, alongside her hugely successful ‘self publishing’ website: The Creative Penn.

Early on she made the decision that the show had to pay for itself, to justify her time away from the main work on her blog. Joanna’s story is a great example of how a bit of creativity and purpose can lead to the ideal combination of monetisation methods for yourself. And the key word, there, is ‘combination’! Joanna shows how, even with her audience, she’s relied on a really diverse range of monetisation methods – not just a ‘one shot’ method that brings in all of her income. She’s using Patreon, sponsorship, affiliate income and product sales, such as audiobooks, really successfully.

One of the most interesting methods, and not one we’ve talked about before, are her audiobooks. Listen to the show to hear Joanna talk about how she’s using the skills she’s learned through Podcasting, to earn income through Audiobooks. And learn how it might be an ideal method for you, given that you’re already podcasting.