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How a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Can Help You Simplify & Grow Your Podcast | The Podcraft Podcast

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Jon Ferrara was the founder of Goldmine, which was a customer management tool back in the day, but when he sold that company he didn’t stop thinking about connections, and networks. He kept an eye on the CRM market, and spotted the fact that they tended be pretty expensive or over complicated, or a bit of both, and that’s what led to the idea of Nimble.

Now I use Nimble and I chose it because it was really easy to get into, and seemed to have a bit of depth to it too. But, I’m sure I’m not using it to it’s full degree, especially from a podcasting point of view.

Now a lot of people run interview shows, or at least have guests on every now and again, and I’m sure a good CRM can help to make that process much easier, from finding guests to keeping the relationship going after the interview’s live.

Jon joins us on this episode of Podcraft to help us figure out how a good CRM can help us run our podcast more easily!

You’ll get a bunch from this, including the following:

  • How to import Twitter lists into Nimble, so that you can use them as the starting point for your interviewee outreach.
  • How Jon recommends approaching those cold leads, and using CRM tools to ensure you get a warmer reception.
  • How to think about promoting your episodes via your networking, so that you don’t tire people out!
  • How to nurture your past guests, and your existing network, so you deepen relationships.

Resources Mentioned

  • Nimble.com – the Contact Relationship Manager I use.
  • Alitu.com – our Podcast production app, for making podcasting easy

Get a Discount on Nimble

Remember, if you check Nimble out, use the coupon code jon40 to get 40% off your first 3 months. Jon reminded me that you have to put the code in AFTER you sign up. So, get on the free trial, and then put the code in on your account settings page.

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