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Got a Question About Podcasting? Let Us Help!

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If you’ve been podcasting for a while but you’ve gotten stuck, this is for you.  You don’t have to wrestle with obstacles on your own. The PodCraft podcast wants to lend a hand. Record your questions and get them answered by podcasters who have been where you are. We know what you need to move your podcast forward, no more guessing.

For Season 15 of the PodCraft podcast, we’re giving you access to expert advice that will get you moving again. We don’t want to leave any podcasters behind.

PodCraft is one of the longest-running “how to podcast” shows in the industry. It teaches the entire art of podcasting, from launching your show to growing your own (or your company’s!) legion of fanatical fans.

No Podcaster Left Behind, Get Help With Your Podcast

How to Get on The PodCraft Podcast

All you need to do is submit your audio question at the link below and we’ll record a response. Then, these questions and answers will become Season 15 of the PodCraft podcast.

In your audio application tell us: 

  • who you are, 
  • the name of your podcast, 
  • what specific problem you’re having, and
  • how you’d like to solve it. 

No worries, this should only take you 3-5 minutes to record.

So, if you want to get your podcasting questions answered by some of the best in the business, submit your question now.

What Happens When You Submit Your Question?

We’ll play your clip on the show, then respond with specific action steps you can take to get unstuck. Our hosts Colin and Matthew have been helping podcasters for more than 160 episodes of The PodCraft Podcast.

We’ll also help you understand how to track your progress on this task, so you can see movement.

You’ll be able to listen to the response to your question on your favourite podcast listening app, and each episode will help you and all our other listeners. On top of that, being featured on PodCraft will get your show in front of thousands of potential listeners, so this is essentially free promotion, too.

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