The Power of Narrative Flow in your Podcast

The Power of Narrative Flow in your Podcast | Podcraft Podcast S6E2

I’ve always enjoyed reading, and now I get the pleasure of reading to my daughter, Abigail. It’s a staple part of the Cudmore bedtime routine. I admit that some of the stories aimed at a very young audience can hardly be described as ‘page-turners.’ It’s fairly obvious what’s going to happen next, and character development and

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How to Do Sponsored Content in a Niche Market with Tom Evans from The Zone Show | Podcast Case Studies

Description: This week I’m talking to Tom Evans of The Zone Show. Tom is a prolific podcaster, having reached 232 episodes in just 3 years, and he has experimented with various ways to monetise the show through that time. On the episode, I talk to him about creating sponsored content within any industry, about the