The Podcraft 2017 Christmas Special

The Podcast Host team try the “just 3 guys, in a basement, drinking beer” approach in this Christmas special, where, unfortunately, you’ll learn absolutely nothing about podcasting. Well, maybe there’s a bit of “how not to” in here… Aside from that, some of the topics you will hear about are Scottish beer, animal adoption, tabletop wargaming,

The Podcraft Podcast

How to Spread the Word & Convert Listeners in Non-Podcasting Niche | Podcraft 816

In this episode I talk to Andrew Clews of The Motoring Podcast about how they’ve gone about breaking into very non-podcasting niche. We also delved a little into how they’ve gone about structuring their show, to allow for different types of content and different types of listener: particularly news vs industry stories. If you’re curious

The Podcraft Podcast

Podcasting Law: Stay Legal & Protect Your Brand | Podcraft 814

Some of the biggest questions we get here at The Podcast Host are surrounding the legalities of podcasting and creating content. We’ve been trying to trace down a podcasting expert who specialises in this sort of stuff, and that’s who we’ll be interviewing on this week’s episode of Podcraft – the show about everything podcasting

hostile Worlds Podcast

Introducing the Hostile Worlds Podcast

Here at The Podcast Host we’ve been hard at work recently, creating a new highly-produced podcast. It’s called Hostile Worlds, an it’s an audio drama/space documentary hybrid. If that’s right up your street, or if you just want a taster of how something like that might sound, then here’s a little teaser for you… Join