On this episode of PodCraft we’re talking Mixers – when and if you might want one. It’s not cut and dry by any means! Let’s look at the arguments.

And you can also check out our Best Podcast Mixers roundup if you’re already won over to the idea of getting one. We’ll be mentioning some of our favourite models in this episode too.

When Might You Think About Getting a Mixer?

Here are the reasons you might want to go ahead and starting looking at mixers:

  • You want more audio inputs – eg. more microphones, along with Music, Skype, etc
  • You want more control over those inputs, such as levels, EQ, compression, etc
  • You want to start using pro level equipment, such as XLR condenser microphones that need phantom power
  • You want to increase reliability and quality
  • You want to cut the computer out of the equation
  • You want to live produce, creating your show like a radio show, cutting down on editing.

Why Might you NOT Want a Mixer?

There are plenty of reasons NOT to get a mixer, such as:

  • You simply don’t need one. Most podcasters don’t.
  • Cost – mixers, decent ones that is, are expensive
  • Complexity – mixers can look intimidating to beginners, and sometimes having too much customisation options just leads to paralysis.

Which Mixer Should I Go For?

As always with podcasting, it depends on a few different factors. Here are 3 solid options though.

 Mentioned in This Episode