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Podcasting in 2024 – it’s a different world now than it was back in 1774. Long gone are the horse-drawn iPods and steam-powered New & Noteworthy charts. Today it’s all about cyborgs, hoverboards, and Artificial Intelligence.

Grimdark future or techno-utopia? The truth is usually somewhere in between. On this “Podcasting in 2024” season of Podcraft, our calming commentary will aim to make sense of an increasingly busy and futuristic medium. We’ll talk about the medium’s latest developments, trends, and data, as well as giving you – the indie podcaster – our tips and pointers, not only to stay on track with your content, but to stay sane in the process.

podcasting in 2023: the future is now

Transcription: The Future of Podcasting Tech

The Future of Podcasting Tech

Izabela and Mike Russell of Music Radio Creative return to continue our conversation about the ever-evolving podcast landscape. Gear and tools may have gotten much better, but that doesn’t always make them easier to set up and use. We also discuss the role of DAWs like Adobe Audition and Audacity compared to newer (often AI-driven) software. Finally, Mike and Izabela answer some questions about podcast growth, being surprised, and changing their minds. 

Transcription: Best Affiliate Schemes for Your Podcast

Best Affiliate Schemes for Your Podcast, & How to Profit From Them

Affiliate schemes are a great way for podcasters (even completely new ones) to earn some income. On this episode, we dive into what affiliate programmes are, how they work, which ones to choose, and how to get the best from them.

Check out our full guide to affiliate programmes for podcasters, the Alitu affiliate scheme, and the IndiePod Community.  

Transcription: Listener Q&A: Make Shownotes Great Again!

Listener Q&A: Make Shownotes Great Again!

In a world of AI chatbots, it’s easy to have your shownotes drafted up in an instant. But how do you create shownotes that are actually good?* That’s one of the questions we’ll be answering on today’s episode, along with considerations around audio ads, variety shows, and email list signups. 

Thanks to our listeners who sent in this week’s voice questions. Why not submit one yourself? 

Listener Podcasts

Resources Mentioned

Transcription: Paying for Clicks, Selling Subscriber Benefits, & Encouraging Engagement

Listener Q&A: Paying for Clicks, Selling Subscriber Benefits, & Encouraging Engagement

We love getting voice questions from our listeners and members of the IndiePod Community. On this episode, we’ve four more to answer, courtesy of: 

Transcription: What Are YOU Not Very Good at in Podcasting?

What Are YOU Not Very Good at in Podcasting?

In our last episode, we talked through some of our podcast shortcomings. This time around, we dig into two voice clips where listeners Marty and John highlight some areas they’d like to improve.

John’s podcast is called Build a Presentation Muscle, whilst Marty’s is Nepal Now

Please send us your own voice clip and tell us what “podcasty stuff” YOU’RE not very good at. We might even be able to help! 

And, for Matthew’s charity appeal, here’s a link to the JustGiving page

Transcription: What Are We NOT Very Good at in Podcasting?

What Are We NOT Very Good at in Podcasting?

If you’re going to teach others how to podcast, does that mean you need to be brilliant at everything yourself? Well, hopefully not. Colin and Matthew can think of a few gaps in their skill sets. On this episode, they talk through them and explore ways they might be able to improve. 

They’re also asking the question, what are YOU not very good at? Please send us your voice feedback, and we’ll try our best to feature it on a future episode! 

Transcription: How to Treble Your Content Output: Top Tips to Ship Your Show

How to Treble Your Content Output: Top Tips to Ship Your Show

Following on from our previous episode, some of the advice given was “do less”. But what if you want to do more, in the most efficient way possible? That’s precisely the purpose of this episode, where we talk through some of our top tips to ship your show.

Also mentioned: Our Podcast Show London review

Transcription: 9 Podcast Time-Saving Tips

9 Super Podcast Time-Saving Tips

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I have so much time to work on my podcast, I struggle to even fill it”?


Well, let’s see what we can do about that, then. On this episode, we bring you nine great podcasting time-saving tips for you to try out. These include things like batch recording, click/MEE editing, and utilising dynamic ads.

Transcription: Do Downloads Mean Listeners?

Do Downloads Mean Listeners? How Accurate Are Podcast Download Stats?

Download numbers can vary from platform to platform, which causes frustration and confusion among podcasters. Why do some services show much higher numbers than others? Are they interpreting downloads differently? And what else can we do to measure the performance of our podcasts?

We’d also love to get some voice questions in for future episodes. Go to thepodcasthost.com/question to submit. If we play yours on the next episode, we’ll send you a copy of The Podcast Host Planner and our Podcast Growth book.

Transcription: What is Open Podcasting & Why Does it Matter?

What is Open Podcasting & Why Does it Matter?

Open podcasting has always been vitally important to how the industry works. Still, it’s hard to talk about without getting super technical or glazing over in the middle of the conversation. This is because those conversations often start with the most tech-savvy industry folks – not your average podcaster – and certainly not your average podcast listener.

But open podcasting is crucial to our industry, and the way things are moving, it’s at threat. So much so that a coalition known as the Podcast Standards Project has assembled on a mission to protect it.

In this episode, we’ll look at why open podcasting is so important to independent podcasters and what we can do to protect it.

Check out our full blog post: Why We Need To Protect Open Podcasting (& How You Can Help!)

Transcription: Locative Media: GPS Tools To Grow Your Podcast in 3D

Locative Media: GPS Tools To Grow Your Podcast in 3D

If you’ve ever used a smartphone to take a GPS-enabled audio tour, such as one available through Voicemap, you’ve used locative media. Locative media is a way to share digital content via GPS triggers in the real world to increase personal interaction. It puts digital content and real places together to make an experience greater than the sum of its parts. On this episode, we talk about how you can utilise it to help enhance and grow your podcast.

Transcription: Should I Start a Second (or Third, or Fourth) New Podcast?

Should I Start a Second (or Third, or Fourth) New Podcast?

No podcaster in history has ever just run one show. In fact, many find their biggest or most successful podcasts to be a second or third attempt. They’ll learn the ropes on the topic they think they want to discuss, then start a new one later on, on a completely different subject.

If you already run a podcast, then starting a second (or third, or fourth) is inevitable. BUT, if you’re just constantly starting new shows, you probably won’t get any momentum or success with any of them.

SO, if you’ve got an idea for a new podcast and are itching to dive in, this episode provides you with a checklist of questions you can run through first.

submit a voice question to podcraft


Transcription: 60% Of New Podcasters Fear Marketing. And Are New Podcasts Dying Off?

60% Of New Podcasters Fear Marketing. And Are New Podcasts Dying Off?

It’s a bit of a data discussion this week, with a few numbers to break down and analyse. Some of this data came via our own sources, whilst others have been the topic of much discussion in the mainstream media recently.

Do Spotify layoffs and new podcasts dropping by 80% since 2020 mean podcasting is on the way out? And why do 60% of new podcasters worry about marketing their shows?

Also mentioned on this episode: The Trailer Park Podcast, how to make a podcast trailer, 43% of new podcasters plan to go solo, how to run a podcast survey, what’s your podcast USP?, Podcast Growth (book), The Podcast Host on YouTube, and The Podcraft Community.

Transcript: How Can Podcasters Leverage AI & Tools Like ChatGPT?

How Can Podcasters Leverage AI & Tools Like ChatGPT?

There’s been a lot of chat about artificial intelligence (AI) in the podcasting industry recently. In most industries, in fact. Since the launch of ChatGPT – an insanely sophisticated AI chatbot that’s generating buzz and fear in equal measures – everyone’s got something to say about it.

Episode Resources

using a drone in podcasting

Transcription: How Using a Drone Can 10X Your Podcast Content

How Using a Drone Can 10X Your Podcast Content

What do drones have to do with podcasting, you ask? Well, if my visit to the Podcast Show 2022 is any measure, then I’m not the only person (by a long way!) interested in adding video to their podcasting workflow. And if we’re going to make video, we might as well explore every angle. Even the vertical.

So, I thought I’d delve in and figure out whether drones have a place in helping create better video around your podcast. These things aren’t cheap, and they aren’t for everyone. But if you have a show that suits, and the budget to buy, then they might be a way to create amazing video to help engage your listeners, and grow your show.

Let’s take a look at why you might use one, what you might create with it, and finish with a recommendation on what to buy. Time to fly!

Read our full guide to Drones & Podcasting

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