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Insights, Experience, & Expertise: Podcraft Season 16

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On season 16 of Podcraft, we’re leaning on the expertise and experience of our team here The Podcast Host and Alitu. The aim is the same as it always is – to help you to create and grow a successful podcast!

Transcription: SEO Tips for Podcasters

SEO Tips for Podcasters

The concept is simple: You create the content your target audience is searching for, they find it, and your podcast grows as a result. 

But Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t just as straightforward as that, unfortunately. There are nuances, best practices, and stiff competition from rival content creators. 

On this episode, I’m joined by Sean, who is a full stack growth marketer. Sean knows a thing or two about SEO, and he’s here to help you polish up your own search game, no matter what stage you’re at. 

Mentions & Resources

Transcription: Autism & Podcasting

Autism & Podcasting: Life In The Ted Lane

Lindsay from the content team helps produce a show called Life In The Ted Lane with her brother, Ted (apparently the name ‘Ted Talks’ was taken, unfortunately).

Ted and his sister Lindsay talk about Ted’s adventures, news from Broadway and Hollywood, Muppet News, and also what it’s like to be autistic.

Joining Matthew on this episode of Podcraft, Lindsay talks us through both the positive experiences and challenges of running the show, as well as the nuts and bolts of how it’s made.

Among the many positive aspects of this podcast is the feedback from parents and caregivers of other autistic people. Ted and Lindsay’s adventures have entertained on many a long car journey, and helped give others the confidence to get out there in the world.

Ted is also a keen YouTuber, and one of his channels is called Uncle Scary Halloween.

Transcription: 43% of New Podcasters Plan to Go Solo

Why Are 43% Of New Podcasters Planning to Go Solo?

Colin and Matthew analyse some interesting data from our Podcast Planner tool. 43% of over 1,500 respondents told us they’d rather host a solo show than create content with other people. So why might this be?

Perhaps there’s a bit of post-pandemic Zoom fatigue in here where people are fed up with feeling like they are “on a call”. There are a lot of positive reasons for going solo, too, including flexibility, simplicity, control, and ownership.

Here’s the full report if you’d like a look over the data for yourself: Data Suggests 43% Of New Podcasters Are Planning to Fly Solo

Transcription: Should ALL Businesses Be Podcasting

Should ALL Businesses Be Podcasting? (And What Makes a Good Business Podcast?)

Podcasting can be a great way to market your business, and add a human touch to your company. But does this mean that every business should be running its own podcast?

This time around, we’re joined by Jacob, who’s Head of Marketing here at The Podcast Host and Alitu. On this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How someone might decide whether or not podcasting around their business is the right move
  • Potential differences between a business podcast and a creative outlet or hobby show
  • Examples of business podcasts that are “doing it right”. 

Transcription: Why All The Hype Around Video Podcasting?

Why All The Hype Around Video Podcasting? Will Video Kill The Audio Star?

Video podcasting is no new thing. But it’s more talked about than it ever was. YouTube are in the early stages of getting into podcasting, whilst Spotify have finally jumped into the pool, too.

But does this mean that everyone should now be creating video as well as audio content? Or has a lot of this stuff been exaggerated and blown out of proportion?

Undoubtedly video, if done well, can be an excellent compliment to your audio and written content. But it isn’t some magic bullet that’s going to automatically quadruple your audience.

On this episode of Podcraft, we discuss the pitfalls of video podcasting, and help you make a more informed decision on whether it’s right for you and your podcast.

Mentions & Resources

Transcription: Taking a Journalistic Approach to Your Podcast

Taking a Journalistic Approach to Your Podcast

What does it mean to take a journalistic approach to your podcast content? In this episode of Podcraft, we’re joined by Katie, who is the driving force behind our new topical content offerings. Katie explains that a “journalistic approach” involves taking time to research your subjects and using a structured workflow to build stories. Some of the tips and suggestions here include using newsletters and Google Alerts as a way to source stories and using Trello boards and spreadsheets to organize content and ideas.

When it comes to fact-checking and sourcing stories, Katie recommends using multiple sources and tracing back to the original source. She also talks about the importance of citing sources, and how to contact people for comment and quotes. Finally, Katie and Matthew discuss the importance of considering what value the content will provide to listeners. They suggest using the acronym WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) to help stay focused on providing value to listeners.

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