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Who Are You Podcasting For?

Who Are You Podcasting For? | Podcraft S10E03

In this episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we continue to explore the first steps in launching your own podcast. This week we focus on audience. We talk about who you should be podcasting for and how to find out who your audience is. Who Are You Podcasting For? An Avatar is your ideal

What Are You Podcasting For?

What Are You Podcasting For? | Podcraft S10E02

In the second episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we debate the answer to one of the greatest questions that every podcaster faces; What are you podcasting for? If you are thinking of launching your own podcast, you should have a reason for doing so. In the show we explore the best way to

podcast artwork and music

Podcast Branding: Artwork and Music | Podcraft 1010

Cover art and music are two ways of branding your podcast and giving it its own unique personality. It isn’t essential to have music in your podcast however. If you want to keep your show really raw and simple then you might avoid using it altogether. But music can create that immediately identifiable opening to

Your Recording Set-Up

Your Podcast Recording Set-Up | Podcraft 1007

We know that one of the biggest barriers you might have stopping you creating your podcast is worrying about how to set-up your equipment. We’re going to go through how to get your show on tape, how to set-up everything you need to record your perfect podcast. And we’re going to cover recording online, and

Podcast Environment

Recording Environment | Podcraft 1008

On today’s episode of Podcraft we’re taking a look at something that’s super important. However something that you might not naturally consider. Your recording environment! By this, we mean the place you decide to record and how all of the factors around you can come into play. Recording Environment The recording environment goes hand in

Planning and Scripting before you record a podcast

How to Script a Podcast Episode, plus Planning Tips | Podcraft

Winging-it is certainly a skill, but there’s also something to be said for great planning & scripting. It can be the difference between a listener feeling really engaged with your podcast and thinking it’s a bit of a waffle. It’s also a way of making it much easier and more comfortable to record a podcast,

Putting your podcast out into the world

Putting Your Podcast out into the World | Podcraft 1012

So far we’ve walked you through to the point where you’ve uploaded your first episode to your media host. At this stage, you have a podcast. But it still can’t actually be found in all the places people actually listen to podcasts. That’s an easy fix though, don’t worry! In this episode we’ll tell you

What's next for your podcast?

What’s Next? Stepping It up | Podcraft 1013

Planning and launching your first podcast can be a steep learning curve. But once you’re actually putting episodes out there, the pitfalls are a little different. Now the battle is about keeping things consistent, sustainable, and enjoyable. So once you get past your first 20 episodes, what then? That’s what we’re going to help you