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How Long and How Often? | Podcraft 1005

Hosted by: Scott Hastie

There's no doubt that you're recording a podcast about something you love. And therefore you can probably talk for days all about your topic!

However, you only hold your listener's attention for so long. So how do you figure out what the best length is? And how often should you give your listeners new episodes of your podcast?

How Long and How Often?

There's no one correct method of figuring out how long and how often your podcast should be made.

Below you can hear episode five of season 10 of Podcraft. With this season, we're revisiting our first season, which covers the first steps to releasing your podcast. If you've missed any episodes, you can check out:


The commonly repeated myth amongst podcasters is that you want to aim for around 20 minutes in length.

Many podcast fans do their listening when travelling to and from work. This commute on average takes between 20-30 minutes. Therefore its generally accepted that this is a good length.

With that being said, don't feel constraint by this. At the end of the day, length is irrelevant because people can start and stop podcasts when they want.

Some very popular podcasts are hours long and are designed for audience to drop in and out over a long period. A good example of this are Those Conspiracy Guys who make long, in-depth podcasts about conspiracy theories!

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It comes down to how interesting your podcast is. Your podcast only becomes too long when it's dull or you go off topic for too long.

Ensure that you plan your podcast out well so that if you're recording a longer podcast, then it has a good structure to it. You can read our guide on how to write a good podcast script, to help you with your own.

It's important that you don't good content short to make your podcast hit a certain time. If the final time on your edit is 21 minutes, or 19 minutes, don't worry about making it 20 minutes exactly. The most important thing is your content is correct.

The same thing can be said about stretching an episode out. If you've got less content in one recording than you had prior, don't record less adequate content just to make that time back. Put out the best podcast you can without worrying about this.


There are various approaches you can take when considering how often you want to release your podcast. Let's examine the pros and cons of these.


  • It's powerful to have a day per week that you are a part of a listener's life. They'll actively make your podcast part of their weekly habit.
  • This means it's easy to keep them hooked, because listening becomes part of their routine.
  • The down side is this might not be sustainable for you. A weekly podcast takes a great deal of time to plan, record and edit.


  • This can be a lot more manageable with regards to planning, recording and editing.
  • This also gives you more time to find better content, or guests for your podcast.
  • The down side is that you don't have the impact that a weekly podcast has. It's harder for your podcast to connect as part of your listener's life this way.

On the next episode, we'll be discussing another frequency of releasing your podcast. This is Seasonal releases.

Stay tuned for that. But for now, hopefully this gives you a good idea of how long and how often your podcast should be made.

We can also work with you putting together your podcast. If you're looking for help with producing your podcast, we can help.

We also have our own Academy for podcasters which helps you develop your ideas and your skills with lots of tutorials and advice.


Written by:

Scott Hastie

May 30th 2018
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