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Your Podcast Recording Set-Up | Podcraft 1007

Hosted by: Scott Hastie

We know that one of the biggest barriers you might have stopping you creating your podcast is worrying about how to set-up your equipment.

We're going to go through how to get your show on tape, how to set-up everything you need to record your perfect podcast.

And we're going to cover recording online, and the set-ups for that.

Your Recording Set-Up

Below you can hear episode seven of season 10 of Podcraft. With this season, we’re revisiting our first season, which covers the first steps to releasing your podcast. If you’ve missed any episodes, you can check out:


How you decide on your recording set-up and equipment will totally depend on what sort of podcast you're looking to record. However it's universal that if you're recording, you'll need a USB microphone.

USB Microphones

The most popular on the market is the Blue Yeti which we've kindly reviewed for your reading pleasure. However, we think there's better out there.

  • The Samson Q2U or it's alternative Audio Technica ACR2100 are so simple to use. You can just plug them in and go!
  • The benefit of these is if you do decide to upgrade, these mics are high end enough to work even better with a Mixer. Check out our guide all about mixers you can use in podcasting.

We've also used Spreaker to broadcast live just using a USB Mic into and iPad!

Lav Microphones

If it's interviews you'd like to do,  your recording set-up will be different. The Q2U can sometimes be problematic for recording interviews due to handling noise. Our tip is to use Lav Mics.

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  • The Rode SmartLav plus is a mic you clip onto your shirt, and then connect your cable to your smartphone. Gives you great quality and makes doing interviews easy. You can even plug in more than one mic giving you a two-way interview.
  • This takes away the worry factor from your interviewee. Microphones can scare people, but a lapel mic is completely out of the way. This usually calms your interviewee.

If you have some decent mullah to spend, you probably want to consider a good digital recorder.

  • We recommend taking a look at Zoom. Check out our various articles on the different Zoom products available on the market.
  • If you're a business looking to start a podcast, using something of this quality makes things easier for you. We can help you out with this via our Production services.

Recording Online

It might seem simple but the easiest way of recording calls is still Skype.

Recording On Skype

Whilst the company have promised recording capability in an update due this Summer. Until then though let's go through what you can use currently.

  • If you're using PC we recommend Talkhelper.
  • Mac users should consider Ecamm.
  • There's other potentials out there like Ringr and Zencaster. Check out our guide of all of these recording online services.

Away from Skype we really recommend using Zoom. It's free and you can use it to make calls with two people for unlimited time, and a group for a chunk of time for free.


We should also talk Mixers briefly with regards to your recording set-up. These aren't necessary but there are a good couple of reasons you might want to consider one.

  • Mixers are great for recording a Podcast ‘as live'. It lets you bring in variables like beds, music and saves time editing down the line.
  • When recording Skype calls, Mixers can help. Check out our guide on MixMinus to learn more.

If you want to learn more about how to grow your Podcast, our Podcast Host Academy is a fantastic way to really progress and learn about creating the podcast of your dreams.


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Written by:

Scott Hastie

June 13th 2018