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The Podcraft Podcast

Storytelling Techniques for Podcasting: Dan Feld on Great Narratives

Storytelling is right on trend, following the success of Serial and the Startup Podcast. We know stories engage, but how do we create one? We’ve written on digital storytelling before, but now it’s time to talk through our storytelling techniques. In this episode I’m talking to Dan Feld of Prologue Profiles about just that – how

The Podcraft Podcast

Podcast Presentation Skills: Being an Engaging Presenter with John Colley

This week I want to go back to basics and talk about presentation skills. It’s taken as read that in-person presenting, getting up in front of an audience, is something that takes practice and skill. But, many people underestimate presenting to the microphone and how much your style can change and improve with a little

The Podcraft Podcast

How to Interview for Podcasting | With Radio Pro, Matt Young

In a series all about presenting your Podcast content, we can hardly miss out one of the biggest trends in Podcasting of recent years: the humble interview. Interviewing is a real skill in itself, requiring preparation, practice and a whole lot of other little nuances. I thought it would be great to get a Radio

The Podcraft Podcast

Podcast Planning & Logistics with John Lee Dumas

On this episode of PodCraft I’m delighted to welcome Mr John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire. John has been delivering amazing, high value content on entrepreneurship, business and life in general for 2+ years now. And amazingly, it’s always been on a daily schedule – that’s right, 7 podcast episodes a week. So, who

The Podcraft Podcast

Launching a Podcast: Designing Your Podcasting Strategy, from Audience to Aims

This is Series 4 of PodCraft, where I’m exploring planning and presenting your Podcasting content. It’s time to concentrate on the message! In this episode we’re starting the content planning process with first principles: what does your podcast do? This is going right back to basics and defining our Podcast, including our who we’re speaking to (our

The Podcraft Podcast

Farewell to Series 4 & Plans for PodCraft in 2015

In this short tie-up episode I say farewell to Series 4 and look forward into 2015. It’s year change time and plans are always afoot after all! The End, But not the End, for Series 4 I hope you enjoyed Series 4 – I certainly had a blast talking to the excellent folks that we’ve