Your podcast can have the best audio content in the world, but that alone won’t be enough to grow your audience and reach new people. Listeners need to find your content online, and two of the most important things you can do to ensure you are heard are: 1. give your podcast an effective name, and 2. Give your episodes compelling and intriguing titles. In this episode, copywriter Liston Witherill of, explains exactly how you can optimise your show on these fronts, to reach a bigger audience, and grow your influence within your niche.

What should I name my podcast?

Liston identifies three different types of podcast name. Let’s imagine a self-employed driving instructor looking to start a podcast; her business is called “Fiona Smith Driving School”

  • The Brand Name – A company or individuals name, which is probably more suited to established brands, businesses or professionals. This might be the best option if you already have a following online. With this option, our driving instructor might have “The Fiona Smith Podcast”
  • The Abstract Name – This can be something creative or intriguing. Interesting, but not necessarily descriptive. Be wary of going down this route as people may not immediately know what your show is about. It would probably be wise to supplement an abstract name with good artwork that clearly states the purpose of your podcast and your content. With this option, our driving instructor might have “Ducking & Driving” as her podcast name.
  • The Descriptive Name – Arguably the best option for a small or new business looking to establish and grow a following. Choosing an “it does exactly what it says on the tin” name for your podcast will make it extremely findable online. Sure, it might not be a glamorous or particularly inventive name, but once you have the listener’s ears and they are hooked on your content, they probably won’t care what it’s called anyway. With this option, our driving instructor might have “Passing Your Driving Test” as her podcast title; do you think this would be appealing for many learner drivers, or other driving instructors?

How should I name my episodes?

naming a podcastThe name of your show should be all about your audience. What’s in it for them? What value or knowledge will they get from listening?

Take yourself out of it, focus on the reader/listener, and put them in a position of strength.

Titles should be emotionally charged, intrigue people’s curiosity, and appeal to their intellect.

Use the show description to set up a story, but don’t give away all the answers. End on a ‘cliffhanger’ that encourages people to click through and listen.

What now?

Remember, the purpose of your podcast name is to grab attention quickly. Try to use five words or less. Have a look at the top podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher; do you notice any reoccurring themes in the way these shows are named?

Use these techniques for writing headlines when communicating with your email list subscribers, and when posting on social media.

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