In this episode, I’m looking at how to make money by selling the show itself. That means either selling episodes, selling upgrades, or re-purposing the show into a related product.

For some, this is the most obvious (and easiest!) way to get started in Podcast monetization. For others, it can be a lot of work, but really effective in the end.

There’s a chicken and egg problem around gating your content and building an audience, but we’ll cover that in full. Let’s have a look!



  • Seems the most obvious, but perhaps one of the most difficult.
  • How do you sell something that’s generally given away for free?
  • Podcasts work because they build trust
    • Chicken and egg – can this approach be done right away?

Premium Content

  • Gaming shows – Podhammer
  • Very funny, really looked forward to it.
  • People gladly paid for more

Back Catalogue

  • Take old shows off-line, sell as a package
  • Simply Syndicated
    • They’ve gone Netflix, but used to sell one-off packages.

Support Content

  • Support Material, summarise the show or provide worksheets
  • Allows you to keep everything free.
  • Giving away that value, building trust, putting out tonnes of useful content
  • The show acts as a lead generator for the support content
  • Done very well by Radio Lingua

Repurposed Content

  • Similar, keeping the main show free, acting as a lead generator
  • Turn the show into an Audiobook
  • Turn the show into an ebook

Upgraded or enhanced content

  • Extra material, extra formats.
  • Provide a full course based around the topic
  • That’s what we’re doing at The Podcast Host
  • The seasons of the show are intro material, covers the content.
  • Then the course provides extras
  • Provides the action and the how-to.
  • Videos demonstrate techniques
  • text supports re-reading, revision
  • Activity supports and encourages success.
  • Plus there may be direct support in there, or community support