I’ve got a secret. But please keep it to yourself. Here goes – “I’m obsessed with taglines.”

If a client or business chum asks me for my opinion on their tagline, it’s not uncommon for me to lose hours crafting dozens of alternatives for them. I realised I needed help when I started pulling together an ultimate list of taglines and hooks from famous and not so famous businesses.

As a professional writer, I spend a lot of time with words. Usually, those words are combined to create articles, whitepapers or webpages – so getting the opportunity to write short, snappy copy is always a welcome change.

Tagline Torture, Hook Hell and Word Woe

I know that many people struggle to craft memorable taglines, hooks and other short forms of writing. So are they worth the trouble? And do they add value to your podcast? Yes – on both counts.  Listen now and find out how and why.

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