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The Power of Narrative Flow in your Podcast | Podcraft Podcast S6E2

Hosted by: Robert Cudmore

I’ve always enjoyed reading, and now I get the pleasure of reading to my daughter, Abigail. It’s a staple part of the Cudmore bedtime routine.

I admit that some of the stories aimed at a very young audience can hardly be described as ‘page-turners.’ It’s fairly obvious what’s going to happen next, and character development and story arc are, at best, limited.

But they share one thing. They have a narrative flow. The story is logical and for kids books, mostly very linear in nature.

Why do Narrative Podcasts work so well?

Creating a podcast that has a well thought out narrative flow can make your podcast stand out from the crowd. This episode of Podcraft explains who benefits and why.


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Written by:

Robert Cudmore

June 16th 2016