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Series 7: Podcasting Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve run out of topics to cover | Podcraft S7E12

What do you do when you think you’ve nothing left to say on your topic? Also Mentioned Scottish Podcast Scholarship Transcription Matthew: A question coming in though the website from Brian. What if I’ve run out of topics to cover? What if Brian hadn’t got in touch and we’d run out of topics to cover?…

How do I convince someone to start a podcast? Podcraft S7E11

Whether it’s a friend, your employer, or a prospective client, if you think someone has the potential to make a great podcast series, how do you approach the subject with them? Also Mentioned The Podcast Industry in 2016: Latest Market Research Scottish Podcast Scholarship Transcription Matthew: Big thanks to Ronnie for this episode’s question. How…

How Many Episodes Do I Need To Launch a Podcast? Podcraft S7E10

What happens if you don’t launch with 3, 5, or 10 episodes? Will your podcast be doomed before it starts? Transcription Matthew: Great question that’s came in from Mary on the website. How many episodes do I need launch a podcast? One. Is that us done now? End of the episode? Colin: Done and finished.…

What If My Target Audience Isn’t Technical? Podcraft S7E09

How do you find new listeners in a niche that traditionally isn’t overly technical? Also mentioned on this episode – our Podcast Scholarship Competition Matthew: Here’s a question that came in through the website thepodcasthost.com from Leslie. What if my target audience isn’t technical? What’s the starting point for this Colin? You’re maybe doing a…

What If I Need To Take A Break From My Podcast? Podcraft S7E08

How do you put your show on hiatus without losing a chunk of your audience? Transcription Matthew: So this was a question that we got in through the website from Derek and to be honest this is something that I’ve wrestled with in the past as well with my own podcast, so what if you…

What Should I Have On My Podcast Website? Podcraft S7E07

Your website is your podcast’s home online. So what should you have on there? Our free course on how to build a peerless podcasting website can be found here. Your Podcast Website is also an article in our Growing Your Audience series. Transcription Matthew: So this was a question that came in through the website…

How Do I Approach Potential Advertisers & Sponsors? Podcraft S7E06

How do you sell the idea of sponsoring your show to someone? Transcription Matthew: So this is a question that came in from Graham. How do I approach potential advertisers or sponsors? So I suppose you’ve maybe started a podcast, you’ve been doing it a wee while. You’re spending some money on it and you’re…

What’s the Best Setup for Face to Face Interviews? Podcraft S7E05

There are lots of great options out there for recording in-person interviews. Mentioned on this episode Fan Fission – our membership community Zoom H5 – digital recorder Zoom H1 – digital recorder ATR3350 – lav mic Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 – preamp Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 – preamp SM58 – dynamic mic MXL990 – condenser mic Samson…

How Do I Choose a Topic? Podcraft S7E04

For some aspiring podcasters, picking something to talk about is the biggest challenge of them all. Matthew: This question came in from Joan, and it’s an interesting one, Colin, because a lot of people call at the podcast and because they have a topic in mind, but then there’s also a large majority of folk…

Is Batching A Good Idea For New Podcasters? S7E03

Batching your podcasts basically means that you record and produce in bulk. There are many benefits to doing things this way, but is it a good idea when you’re just starting out? Matthew: Here’s a great question that comes in from Thomas, is batching a good idea for new pod casters? Before we answer that…


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