YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world, so it certainly won’t do your podcast any harm to have some presence there.

So can you upload your podcast episodes to Youtube, and if so, how?

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“Hi Podcast Host I’ve been following you for a while now & it has helped a lot thanks for that .. I’m currently having one issue .. I’m not sure if you have spoke on it or not ..

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I’m having trouble exporting my audio from Adobe Audition into YouTube.. I was able to upload it into SoundCloud but I want to to place into YouTube too .. if you could help me with that it would be greatly appreciated.”

To put it simple, YouTube nowadays supports eight different types of file formats for uploading. If you’re recording an audio podcast, you need to make it into a video file to get it onto YouTube.

This doesn’t necessarily mean there needs to be video in the traditional sense that they’re moving images – in its most basic form it’s just your audio with a blank screen.

But how do we get the audio to become a video?

Well, if you’ve signed up to the Adobe Creative Cloud then there’s a good chance you have access to Premier Pro, which is the sister programme which deals with video – and it is very easy to link those together. There’s also some great tutorials by Mike Russell that will help you out.

Likewise if you’re working from Audacity it’s really simple just to pull it down into something like iMovie (for this you would need a Mac of course), mix it down as a video and upload it to YouTube.

There’s also a great option if you host with Libsyn. They have the capability to link your account with a YouTube account along with a bunch of other places like Soundcloud and TuneIn Radio. When you hit publish, your podcast will go out as normal, but Libsyn will actually take your cover art and audio and upload it directly to YouTube as well – simple!

Another option that’s discussed on this episode is the use of tools to automate the process to social media – one of which is called Audiograms. There’s an article all about audiograms on our website, which can be found here.

Similar to Audiograms there is a paid tool called Wavve. This is all about creating shareable videos with a focus around using them for social media. Using your cover art or maybe something else it can create a really nice animated image to go along with your audio. While this is a paid service it does save you a bit of time with the technical setup.

And we have another article series on our website by Colin, that discussed driving action through YouTube that can be found here.

Finally in this episode we talk a little bit about a new tool that we at The Podcast Host are now developing to make this whole process to much easier.

It’s going to help you create and upload audio much more easily as well as adding your own branding, but a big thing we want to do is put video in there too. You’ll be able to highlight sections from your audio podcast and take away a two minute clip that’s more useful, and they’ll be able to go on YouTube with an animated background.

So keep an eye out for that! We’re hoping to launch that within the next few months.

Before we roundup this episode we want to mention a survey that we’re running.

We’re collecting information about how people are podcasting right now, from the tools and software and everything else – and eventually we’ll compile that data into a big post on the website.

There’s also a competition related to this as well, with a chance to win a bunch of prizes so it’s well worth your while entering!