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Turning a Podcast into a Book: The Full Process with David Bain | Podcraft

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On this episode, I talk to David Bain, a long time and very prolific podcaster, the one I remember most being Digital Marketing Radio. David is also the author of Marketing Now (available very soon on Amazon!), which is a book which had it’s genesis in a podcast. 

David is in good company with this type of repurposing, one of the biggest examples being Tim Ferriss and the Tools of Titans book. Tim created that book based on the hundreds of hours of content he’s produced as part of his interview-based podcast. 

So, I thought I’d get David on the show, incase you want to follow in the footsteps of David and Tim. Here he talks about the 6-step process he used to create Marketing Now, and how you can create your own book. 

You’ll find out:

  • How David came up with the idea for the book, and how he created previous ones using the same method.
  • How to think about book structure, and how that boils down into planning the audio content to base it on
  • How a live broadcast is a natural extension of a podcast
  • How he turned a live broadcast into the content for a book
  • Where he decided to publish his book and why
  • How he solved the design problem, and made it easy to create a great book

You can find David over on twitter, and you can see more about the book, and sign up for the live launch stream.

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