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Welcome to Podschool: Learning How to Podcast | PS00

Welcome to Podschool!

This podcast is all about the brilliant world of Podcasting – teaching you how to transition from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster.

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In this podcast I’m going to cover the full range of Podcasting skills, looking at:

  • Podcasting Equipment – what microphones to buy, when to get a mixer, how to set it all up
  • Podcasting Techniques – recording interviews, recording outside events
  • Podcast Editing – what software to use, how to create the best audio possible
  • Podcast Promotion – how to grow your audience, how to market your brand
  • Podcast Planning – scripting, episode planning, topic generation
  • Podcast Monetisation – how to make money out of your broadcast without turning off your audience
  • And more – podcasting environments, events, speaking skills

Series 1 – How to Podcast: A Beginner’s Guide

I’m going to split the podcast into a set of series, each one looking at a different topic. This first series is a total beginners guide to podcasting, teaching you how to start out on your own broadcast. It’ll be around 10 to 12 short podcasts detailing the kit, the skills and the planning you need to do to get your podcast kicked off and release it to the world.

Get in Touch

This wont work without listener feedback, so I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you think of the podcast, and tell me what you want to hear in future. If you’re just starting out, what is it you’re struggling with? And if you’re already an experienced podcaster, how can I help take your podcast to the next level?

You can leave me a comment on this post below, or you can send an email through the contact form. Or, you can get in touch via Twitter – probably the quickest and easiest method. You’ll find me @thepodcasthost.

I’m really excited to be starting this off and even more excited that you’re starting the journey with me. Thanks so much for listening and I really look forward to hearing from you.