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GuestBoxLove for Podcasters Review: Say Thank You & Share Your Brand

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When you have a high-profile guest on your podcast, you want them to spread the news about your interview. Whatever communication you have with them, you want to make sure it’s meaningful, memorable, and sincere. Podcasters tend to be good with words and can write a good thank-you note after an interview. What if you say thank you more memorably (in a good way)? In this review, we’ll show you how to use GuestBoxLove to thank your podcast interview guests to make them likely to recommend your podcast to others.

What Is GuestBoxLove?

GuestBoxLove is a company born out of pandemic-world demand. They assemble, pack, and ship boxes of branded merchandise for podcasters to gift to their interview guests. Sending someone who’s helped your podcast a thank-you note is good. And, sending them a thank-you note with an appropriate, useful gift can be better.

The gifts consist of water bottles, t-shirts, or baseball caps, branded with your podcast logo. Co-founder Brad Mulvey told me that they can provide whatever size you need, and “can source nearly any kind of apparel.”

GuestBoxLove has a Made In The USA line of products available. All gifts are designed, decorated and packed in the US. They pack the gifts in a box with a personalized thank-you note. They can ship it to the person and address you supply, anywhere.

How Does It Work?

You, the podcaster, set up a call with them. You send them a copy of your logo and tell them what kind of GuestBox you want to make. Once you’ve approved the final version, they manufacture a set number of boxes and store them for you. That way, anytime you contact them to send a gift to a podcast guest, they have one ready to go out ASAP.

How Much Does GuestBoxLove Cost?

Pricing is per box. GuestBoxLove doesn’t charge a membership or subscription fee. You pay for what you send. Again, the available gift items, for now, are travel mugs, caps, and t-shirts.

  • Silver Box 1: For $25.00, they will pack up and send a box containing a personalized thank you card, and one branded gift item of your choice.
  • Gold Box 2: At the $45 price point, they will pack up and send a box with a thank you note and two gift items.
  • Platinum Box 3: For $65, they’ll pack up and send a box with three gift items and a personalized thank you card.

How Is the Merchandise?

I’m glad you asked! GuestBoxLove’s presentation and packaging are good. When you open the box, it feels special, because the first thing you see is the thank you note. Also, the biodegradable packing material is colourful and feels like party confetti.

It’s not a package, it’s a gift!

Their caps have a mesh section for ventilation, and they’re embroidered, not just printed. The mug, in particular, is of very good quality. It’s a double-walled mug for insulation and the lid’s seal is secure. It feels on par with Yeti drinkware, so this is good for podcasters to pair with their Blue Yeti.

GuestBoxLove mug sample

The t-shirts are durable and soft. I grabbed the two nearest good-looking male models I could find (my husband and my brother) and said, “Put on this t-shirt and look like a serious podcaster.” They understood the assignment.

Guest Box Love t-shirts
Guest Box Love t-shirts are soft, strong, and make you feel like a Serious Podcaster.

In summary: GuestBoxLove has quality merchandise, and their packaging and presentation go the extra mile to make the recipient feel special.

Caveat Emptor

GuestBoxLove has a minimum purchase requirement, and the prices don’t include shipping. I’ve included a screenshot from the GuestBoxLove website.

How Can GuestBoxLove Help My Podcast Grow?

Anecdotally, Elizabeth Taylor used to require a gift of jewellery from producers as a signing bonus. Since the Hollywood press photographed her so often, it was also an advertisement for designers such as Bulgari. You don’t have to go that far.

While GuestBoxLove emphasizes sending gifts to your interview guests, this is also a convenient way to reward crowdfunding backers, or people who support your show.

GuestBoxLove’s merchandise is useful. Travel mugs aren’t just for travelling. I use a mug with a lid to sip water wherever I’m working to avoid spills. Caps and t-shirts are mobile billboards. The merchandise displays your logo wherever they use it. Maybe the recipient carries it around at a convention with five thousand people seeing it or at home where they can remember to mention your podcast to their social media followers. It makes your podcast memorable and easy to promote.

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