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How to Promote Your Podcast and Boost Downloads

This article was contributed by Martin Higgins of The Eternities Podcast.

If a podcast is never downloaded, does it make a sound? This is the fate we want to avoid, so here are the methods that I’ve personally found most effective in boosting downloads for my own podcast.

Please yourself, please your audience

Your first audience is yourself. Pick subjects that interest you, and keep following your nose as you delve deeper. The chances are, others will find it interesting, too, and you'll start to build a really loyal following within that group. Though this isn’t always the case, by any means!

Like any good conversationalist, you need to develop empathy for your listeners, so you know what’s working and what can be cut. Remember to ask them, from time to time, what's working, and build upon that.

Interviews – Promote Others to Promote Yourself!

Popularity rubs off easy in the media world, so snag great interviewees. A little online research often yields a way to contact them, whether email, Facebook or Twitter. You have a better chance if they have something to promote, and sharing download figures with them may help to get them on-board. For more on this, check out our post on how to find podcast guests.

I was able to secure an interview with the world famous scientist, Dean Radin, via Facebook message within minutes of him posting a status update about a new book. You can also see discover who may be seeking publicity, say by checking the list of new book releases on Amazon.

Using Separate Articles to Promote a Podcast

How to Promote Your Podcast and Boost Downloads - Martin HigginsOnce the podcast has been recorded, you can and should write an article about it. This should feature juicy quotes, topped with an attention-grabbing title with perhaps a newsworthy angle, and a link to your podcast. If you're publishing your podcast on your own website, this article can function as your shownotes, and could include all the resources too. On the other hand, if you want to focus on a particular aspect of the episode topic, that works very well too, and you may get 2 or 3 articles out of one podcast episode, all helping to promote the show.

While you can always publish on your own site, it'll be a big help to publish at least one article elsewhere, such as on a popular website. (I’m a regular contributor for Disino.com where I publish an article for each of my podcasts.)

Let Alitu Take Care of Producing Your Podcast

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Written by:

Judy Esguerra

May 12th 2015