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Meet Edgar for Podcasters | Scheduling Your Social


Social media can be a great way to advertise your podcast without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, it can also chow down on your time and attention span like a cat on a cheeseburger. What if you could schedule all of your social media posts, blog posts, and even research topics, with one tool? Just think of the time and headache you’d save, by not getting sucked down a rabbit hole of distraction. Ladies, gentlemen, and friends beyond the binary, I’d like to introduce you to a friend. Meet Edgar for Podcasters.

What Is Meet Edgar?

Meet Edgar is a social media scheduling tool. It can post to Facebook pages or groups, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and/or Twitter.

You can use Edgar to post photos, videos, and links to web pages. Meet Edgar supports @ tagging on Facebook and Twitter. It can also select portions of text from a web page, to write the post for you.

Meet Edgar dashboard screenshot

When you first see your dashboard, there’s a link to a YouTube playlist of videos, walking you through how to use all of its features. The video about “how to schedule” is the longest and most detailed. It’s also the key to what Edgar does best. The big takeaway is that Edgar can schedule the posts for you, or you can schedule them manually.

if you use Chrome, Safari or Firefox, Edgar has a bookmarklet, so you can save posts that you find anywhere on the web directly to your library.

Additionally, Edgar has an exclusive learning platform for members, Edgar University, to learn social media marketing strategy. Besides that, there’s a whole library of articles to help you.

How Can I Use Meet Edgar for My Podcast?

You create categories of the type of content you want to post. For example, “blog posts,” if you have individual podcast episode posts on your website to share as links. Another category could be “images,” to share image files about your podcast.

Meet Edgar categories screenshot

For example, let’s say you plan a podcast episode about good fly fishing spots. A good use of Meet Edgar for podcasters would be to include a photo of Rock Creek, Montana, with a quote about what makes it unique. You would post this on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook.

You fill the library with posts according to the categories. This can be done manually, or you can import the content via an RSS feed.

Meet Edgar library screenshot

Edgar suggests an 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts should have value in and of itself, 20% should be a promotion or CTA.

You can import your podcast’s RSS feed to your library.

if you want to use Instagram, you have to download the Meet Edgar mobile app, and have push notifications enabled, so Edgar can remind you when it’s time to post. Then, you have to download the content you want to post to your camera roll, so that Edgar can pull the content from your camera roll and post it on Instagram, via the Instagram app.

To connect to Facebook, Edgar can’t post to personal pages (it’s against Facebook’s TOS). But, it can post to a page or a group where you are the administrator.

So, basically, you can set up Edgar to pull data via an RSS feed from your media host, and your website, and then publish links to your podcast episodes and your blog posts on Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook pages or groups.

Pinterest is an exciting use of Meet Edgar for podcasters. Like Instagram, this is a social media platform for the visually oriented. The good news is that Meet Edgar has a specific partnership with Pinterest, which streamlines the process. It seems as though you have to have a particular content category for Pinterest. Also, Pinterest has rules about image size and how often you can reshare the same image and link.

Schedule your social media posts, and let Edgar send them out.

Meet Edgar schedule screenshot

Edgar can automatically suggest days and times for different kinds of posts, based on your content type and the social media platform, or you can schedule them based on your needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Meet Edgar?

Edgar has a 7-day Free trial. After that, the options are:

  • Edgar Lite, $19 per month plan: 3 social media accounts, 4 categories, 10 automated posts per week, plus unlimited manually scheduled posts
  • Edgar, $49 per month: 25 social accounts, unlimited categories, 1000 automated posts per week, plus unlimited manually scheduled posts. With such an account you could, dare I say it, rule the world.

Edgar offers an annual payment plan as well (Lite: $219/year, Edgar: $539 a year), which gets you a free month. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Should I Use Meet Edgar For My Podcast?

There’s a bit of a learning curve. You may want to sit down and watch all the videos, and practice with it between seasons, when you have more time, or when your workflow is established. Or, if you hire a virtual assistant, you can work with someone who already knows how to use it.

Edgar might cost as much as your media host. But, it can do an awful lot. Particularly if your content stream is varied, and it’s a mix of blog posts, podcast episodes, and images, it can do a lot of work for you, provided you set every automation and forget it. Meet Edgar is less expensive than hiring a social media manager, though, obviously, it’s harder to have coffee and brainstorm sessions with them. Personally, I’d rather spend an hour a week, or an hour a month, setting up Edgar’s library and letting him take the wheel, than posting on social media every day.

There are loads of ways to promote your podcast, not just through social media. Our book, Podcast Growth, How to Grow Your Podcast Audience has over 80 strategies you can use to enrich and expand your podcast audience. Also, Podcraft Academy has courses and downloadable tools to help you launch, polish, and promote your podcast. Won’t you join us?

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