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8 Ways to Measure Your Podcast Audience Engagement

Download numbers can tell you a lot about how your podcast is doing, but they’re not the full story. The topics and subject matter of podcasts can vary wildly from one show to the next – and that means that so too can the potential audience size. Entertainment and “general” interview shows have huge potential…

How to do Email Marketing For Podcasters, Bloggers & YouTubers

In this guide, I want to show you how to start growing your audience through email marketing. Here at The Podcast Host our subject is… you guessed it…. Podcasting! But, we build our audience around every kind of content. Both Matthew and I are writers and video creators, as well as podcasters. Email is one…

How Many Downloads Did We Get on the Front Page of iTunes/Apple Podcasts?

I feel like I should open this article with the public service announcement that it is “for information purposes only”. Podcasters are generally stats geeks, and if that’s you, then you’ll hopefully find this answers a few questions about having a show on the famous “front page of iTunes”. This isn’t an article about how…

How to Keep Track of Your Podcast Reviews

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about taking an interest in your podcast reviews. You put a lot of time and hard work into your podcast. Even though your official line is a modest “it helps the show to be found”, we know it’s really because it makes your day to hear that p0ddyl1znr881…

Itunes Podcast Rankings: How Does it Work?

Virtually every podcaster goes through a stage of obsessing over their iTunes Podcast rankings. iTunes (in both its desktop and iOS Podcasts app form) remains comfortable at the top of the podcast directories league table. According to Libsyn’s January 2017 data, the iOS to Android ratio for consumption of podcasts is 4.5 to 1 – and…

The Martian Guide to Marketing Your Podcast

By Richard Brooks “We’re certainly not advocating that you form some kind of armed militia to spread the word of MarsCorp. But we can’t stop you from doing that either.” Getting noticed is an increasing challenge for new audio dramas seeking to gain visibility in an ever more crowded field. Of course, gaining a backing…

Building a Community | Growing Your Audience #7

There are two main reasons that you might want to create a community around your podcast: To provide a space where listeners will have access to you. To provide a space where listeners can meet and interact with each other. Both are designed to cater to existing listeners, which has been the recurring theme of this…

How Do You Get More iTunes Reviews? | Growing Your Audience #6

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all like getting iTunes reviews. Podcasting is a rewarding medium for several reasons. But sometimes you can go through spells of doing a lot of work, putting a lot of quality stuff out there, and hearing nothing back about it from anyone. This is particularly true…

Getting Yourself Out There | Growing Your Audience #5

Once you’re at the stage where you’re creating episodes that people want to listen to and share, and your website makes it easy for them to do that, you can look at getting in front of more potential listeners. The internet is a busy place nowadays. Scroll through any social media feed and you’ll see…

Your Podcast Website | Growing Your Audience #4

We’ve taken a look at creating podcast episodes that people will want to share. Now we need to make sure we’re making it as easy as possible for them to do just that. The starting point for this is your podcast’s home on the internet – your website. It’s possible at this stage you might…


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