How to Get Your Podcast on Spotify

Spotify has become the second largest listening platform. If you’ve not made your show available there yet, find out how, here!

Getting Your Podcast on Spotify

If you don't have your podcast on Spotify yet, then you're missing out on a huge amount of potential new listeners. You don't need to know how to upload your podcast to Spotify, because Spotify is just a directory. Instead, I'll show you how to put your podcast on Spotify – just a one-time process – so you're listed there forever. Best of all – it's really, really easy for the majority of podcasters! No need for that Spotify podcast bootcamp after all, eh? Let's get started!

Since jumping into Podcasting game, Spotify's Podcast section has swiftly risen to second place behind iTunes/Apple Podcasts as the most popular place podcasts are consumed. According to Libsyn's official podcast ‘The Feed', they're currently accounting for around a 7% slice of the ‘total podcast downloads everywhere' pie. With around 140 million active subscribers using the app on a daily basis, it's no real surprise that the music streaming giant has made so much gain in so little time.

That isn't its sole selling point though. Spotify's podcast section presents a great answer to the age old question of “where do I listen on Android?” too.

Many podcasters exclude half their potential audience by simply directing everyone to iTunes/Apple Podcasts. It's good practice to list the most popular directories your show can be found on a ‘Subscribe' page on your website. And if you can add your podcast to Spotify then you're catering to the needs of many Spotify users who'd like to listen to your show.

So if you want to get your podcast listed on Spotify, how do you go about it?

And remember, if you're still at launch phase, check out our full guide on How to Start a Podcast.

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Option 1 – Submit Directly Through Spotify

In the early days, the only option for getting into Spotify was to submit through your media host.

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In October 2018 though, Spotify opened up their Spotify for Podcasters portal.

This enables you to submit your show directly to them. All you need is a valid RSS feed, and a Spotify account.

Option 2 – Submit via Your Media Host

If you don't have a Spotify account, or you just want to make things easy, you can submit your show through your media host instead.

Most good hosts allow submission directly to Spotify right inside the app. For example, Buzzsprout, one of our top hosting picks, has a ‘Submit to Spotify' button right inside their dashboard. One click and the process is done.

You can find out more details about the best podcast hosting platforms here, and you'll be safe submitting direct to spotify with each of our top 3 picks.

Get Your Podcast on Spotify with Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout are the masters of media hosting simplicity.

buzzsprout podcast hosting
  • Inside your Buzzsprout account, you just need to click ‘iTunes & Directories' then ‘Submit your podcast to Spotify'.
  • Enter your show title, Buzzsprout account email, your show's RSS feed, and confirm that your show doesn't contain any copyrighted material.
  • Then hit ‘Submit' and away you go.

Oh, and if you use our Buzzsprout link to sign up there, then you’ll get a $20 Amazon gift card if you stick around for at least 2 months!

Get Your Podcast on Spotify with Podbean

  • Inside your Podbean account, go to your settings, then click ‘Social Share'.
  • In there, you'll find a ‘Connect to Spotify' button.
  • Agree to Spotify's T&Cs, select the primary country of your podcast, and hit ‘Apply'!

You can get a free month with Podbean when you sign up by using the coupon code podcraft

Get Your Podcast on Spotify with Spreaker

  • You need to be using a Pro Account on Spreaker to get into Spotify with them.
  • Once signed up and/or signed in to Spreaker, go to their Distributing your Podcast on Spotify link.
  • Once you hit ‘Click to Submit' you'll be redirected to a simple form following the same theme as the others.
  • Enter your name, email, and the language of the podcast, then your show will be reviewed by the Spreaker team before being sent over to Spotify.

Get Your Podcast on Spotify with Blubrry

  • Read Blubrry's list of requirements for submitting to Spotify.
  • Once you've confirmed that you meet all of them (you probably do), then it's a simple case of entering your RSS feed, your home country, and choosing a category that best fits your show.
  • Then you agree to some T&Cs, enter your name, click Submit, and it's job done.

You can get a free month with Blubrry when you sign up by using the coupon code podhost.

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Get Your Podcast on Spotify with Libsyn

  • Log into your Libsyn account, and on the dashboard, click the ‘Destinations' tab, then ‘Add New' then beside Spotify hit ‘Edit'.
  • A ‘Create New Destination' form will then pop up.
  • Select at least one category that best describes your show. Then enter a subtitle, summary, and author name.
  • You can also set your primary language, and select whether or not your show is explicit.
  • Once that's done, enter your name and email, agree to the T&Cs, and hit ‘Save'. That's your show submitted for review.

You can get a free month with Libsyn when you sign up by using the coupon code podhost.

Rules for Being Listed in Spotify

There are a couple of relatively common sense rules here. Things that apply whether you're on Spotify or not, really!

  • You must not have any copyrighted material in your podcast in order to be listed in Spotify.
  • Any music used in any of your episodes must be podsafe.

Being Approved

Don't expect any contact to let you know when your podcast is on Spotify. You'll just have to keep an eye on the Spotify podcast listings yourself.

Once you've submitted, it usually takes between 2-5 days to show up.

You can quickly search the app for your podcast each day until it appears.

It's good to see how it looks in there too, just to confirm everything is laid out as you want it.

You can also grab the direct link to your spotify podcast listing once you're in there.

You can do this in both the Spotify desktop and mobile apps.

Getting your podcast's Spotify link on the desktop app

To get your show's link in the desktop app, click the little ‘more' button (the circle with 3 dots in it) to the left of the ‘Play' and ‘Follow' buttons. Then click ‘Copy Show Link'.

Getting your podcast's Spotify link on the mobile app

In the mobile app, the ‘more' button is up in the very top-right corner of the screen. Again, it appears as 3 dots. Click it, then click ‘Share', and then ‘Copy Link'.

Is there a Spotify Podcast Creator?

This is something that often comes up, when we're asked how to upload a podcast to Spotify: the concept of a Spotify podcast creator. Normally, the explanation is that the podcaster has heard that Spotify own a ‘podcast creator'. Understandably, that seems like an easy way to upload your podcast to their directory.

The reality is that there is such a thing as a Spotify Podcast creator: it's an app they own called Anchor and it's available for iOS and Android. There's no doubt Anchor is a nice and easy way to make a podcast. You can record right in the app, add music in the background and bring in recordings from other people. Then, since Anchor also includes free podcast hosting, you can publish the episode inside the very same app.

There are a fair few downsides, though, as this Anchor review will show you. In exchange for the free hosting, you give up a LOT of control. For example, advertising appears by default on the end of every one of your episodes, and on your artwork. You can turn it off, but that gives a picture of Anchor's understandable aims: to grow, using you as a free sponsor.

You also give up control of your feed and your stats. Anchor owns it all, and it's reportedly hard to move away, even if you want to. The final blow is that editing is pretty limited, and a little clunky on the mobile app, and audio cleanup isn't possible. It's great for low-fi, live broadcast style podcasting, which absolutely has it's place. But, to have a little more polish, you'll need to go elsewhere.

So, by all means, play around with Anchor to dip your toe in the podcasting waters. But, once you're ready to take it seriously, own your show, and build something of your own, it could be well worth signing up for good podcast hosting, and creating your show using one of these podcast making apps.

One of those podcast creator apps, of course, is Alitu, which is designed to give you tonnes more control over your audio, including full audio cleanup and detailed editing. It also works with any podcast hosting platform, and integrates strongly with a range of the top hosts for easy publishing.

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Make It Easy for People

If you want to grow your audience, you've got to create the conditions for it to grow.

Try to make your show available everywhere that podcasts can be consumed, and to let people decide for themselves where they want to listen and subscribe.

And putting your podcast on Spotify gives yet another option for your listeners, thus making it incredibly easy for them, regardless of what tech they're using.

It'll only take you a couple of minutes max to submit your show to Spotify, and the sooner you do that, the sooner you've vastly increased your potential audience.

So make that a priority this week, that's if you're not already away to do it right now!

Need More Help With Your Podcast?

I hope you're confident, now, in how to put your podcast on Spotify. If nothing else, hopefully we cleared up why you don't have to upload your podcast to Spotify directly.

But, if you need more help, then there's a way to work with us directly for more tailored support. Just check out The Podcast Host Academy. That’s where you’ll get access to our community, live Q&A sessions, video courses, ebooks, and much more.

Otherwise, check out further resources on launching and growing your show, here:

I've mentioned growing your audience a lot here, and that's actually the purpose of our latest course too. It's called 30 Days of Audience Growth.

The course is definitely worth a look if you're interested in boosting those download numbers, and putting measures in place that'll help bring you steady and sustainable growth for years to come!

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  1. A quick note re: Buzzsprout and the confirmation that the podcast “doesn’t contain any copyrighted material” – I can only presume that means material copyrighted by *someone else*?

    Since creators own the copyright to their own works, so the podcast itself is copyrighted from its creation – by the owner who is submitting it.

    1. You’d need to reach out to Spotify and ask them Andrew. Because they’re new to podcast curation but are also a very busy platform they likely see this approach as more efficient, easier to maintain, and less likely for things to break.

  2. If I have a podcast that plays movie clips, would that be considered copyrighted material that wouldn’t be allowed on Spotify?

  3. If your podcast is not hosted by one of the above providers, you ll need to submit your podcast to Spotify through their new Spotify for Podcasters dashboard.

  4. ok so I have a spotify account to listen to music but I am trying to also add podcasting to it but when I go on podcasters for spotify it says I need an RSS feed and don’t know what to do someone please help me!

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