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Why You Should Be Using Transcriptions for Your Podcast | By Reportex

This post is sponsored by Reportex – a web and app based tool for both transcribing and editing recorded speech, made to simplify work and life for podcasters, journalists and others who work with audio recordings.

Here, we asked Reportex why they feel you should be using transcriptions for your podcast. Here are their compelling reasons…

Using Transcriptions for Your Podcast

As a podcaster, you are naturally dedicated to audio. You love conveying the message with audio, it's just that simple. Other means of communication, video or text for instance, are firmly placed in the backseat.

But there are some very strong reasons for podcasters to work with quality transcription.

Reportex works for you

1. Listeners Are Also Readers

If you publish a good transcript alongside your podcast, you will facilitate several categories of listeners.

  • According to the WHO, almost half a billion people worldwide suffer from a disabling hearing loss. A text version of your podcast (in part or all of it depending on the nature of the content) makes it easier (or even possible) for them to enjoy your content.
  • Non-native listeners, i.e people for whom English is not a first language, will often find your content a lot more accessible if they can read while listening.
  • With transcriptions, you're also helping out anyone who happens to find themselves in situations where listening is unpractical.

2. Search Engine Friendliness

At this moment in time, content in the form of audio is practically invisible to Google and other search engines. This of course means that anyone who makes a relevant search is blind to it too. But if you make a transcript and publish it, in whole and/or selected parts, your podcast will start showing up in search results, potentially attracting lots of traffic.

If you make it clear that this information is from a podcast – and make it easy for people to listen – then you can begin to convert all these readers into new subscribers too.

3. Free Show Notes

Well … nothing is free, but some things come pretty close! With a good transcript at your fingertips, writing your show notes becomes more of a sifting process with some touch-ups.

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The content of the episode is all laid out in front of you, so delete any unwanted ‘fluff', stick some category headers in, add in hyperlinks to anything you mentioned, and you're ready to hit publish!

4. Promotion and Marketing

A good transcript makes it a lot easier to pick out those great quotes and sound bites that will stir an interest for your upcoming episode when you publish them in your social channels.

Many podcasters use these to create image graphics that they use to promote that particular episode.

And imagine the promotional impact your sound bites could have as video – with audio and subtitles!

Reportex TextTranscribing Your Podcast With Reportex

A good speech-to-text service with built-in user-friendly text-based audio editing can really help turn tedious hours into productive hours. Just think: if you could prepare your next interview instead of manually transcribing your latest one – what would that mean for your output? A better workflow without manual transcribing and less complicated waveform audio editing lets you focus on your story instead of your tech.

Reportex is an online service that allows podcasters and others who work with audio to transcribe automatically via a simple drag-and drop, and then edit the transcript right in the browser with ordinary cut, paste and delete commands. All changes in the transcript are instantly mirrored in the audio!

Reportex also has a really nifty sharing feature – you can create video of your audio, with audio, of sound bites you choose and put together, at the push of a button. Great for promotional sharing on social media.

Intrigued? Check out Reportex today. You can take a tour to see exactly how the service works, or sign up for a free trial, upload your own audio, and try it out for yourself!

Written by:

Guest Podcaster

June 20th 2018