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Which Podcast Apps Support Private RSS Feeds?

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So, you’ve decided to create a private podcast available to only a select few lucky individuals. You upload the episodes to your media host, copy the RSS feed URL, and give it to your private audience.

An hour later, your inbox is loaded with messages. “What do I do with this thing? How do I listen to the show?” Oh, dear. Maybe they’ve clicked on the RSS feed address, and nothing happened. They could have copied and pasted it into a podcast listening app, and nothing happened. Maybe they got error messages. They might need some help with how to listen to a podcast in general.

When you set up a private podcast, it’s important to know which podcast apps support private RSS feeds.

Some podcast listening apps will only let users listen to shows in their directories. Many, however, will let the user paste (or type)an RSS feed address into the search box. Once that address is stored and the user clicks “subscribe,” everything’s all set. The podcast episodes will continue to go to their podcast app.

An RSS feed is like a route for your podcast

The Big List of Listening Apps That Support Private RSS Feeds

These are divided up by device type. This is not information that a podcast app often makes readily available: they want you to scroll through their directory’s categories and browse their podcasts. This is especially true if they produce “exclusive” podcasts.

But, in many cases, you can enter the RSS feed in the search box, and it will import the episodes and let you subscribe. In some cases, there’s an option to select “Add” and then “add podcast by URL.”

I checked these, and they all had a way to listen on a desktop computer as well. Some work on an iPhone’s operating system, some on Android, and some work with both.

Podcast Listening Apps That Support Private RSS Feeds

a detective investigates a private podcast trail

Which Is The Best Podcast Listening App for Private RSS Feeds?

Now you’re splitting hairs. Every podcast app has different features that set it apart from others. Our list of The Best Podcast Apps: Listening & Subscription Features All Compared includes three podcast apps that support private RSS feeds: Overcast, PocketCasts, and RadioPublic.

If you want to refer your followers to use a particular app, then, by all means, recommend your favorite. But, remember that your audience will keep listening if they use their favorite app. Give them options. The more you engage with your audience and know what they like, the more likely they will support you.

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