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why record your podcast outdoors?

Why Record Your Podcast Outdoors?

When you hear the term “podcast studio” you might automatically conjure up images of mics, mixing desks, and cables running everywhere. The average “podcast studio” is somewhat less glamorous though. The vast majority of podcasters will simply plug a USB mic into their computer prior to recording. And most listeners won’t even be able to

controlling reverb

Acoustic Treatment for Podcasters | Controlling Reverb

Room Verb. It’s the bane of any recording or listening environment. It can mean the difference between a dry, professional recording and a hollow and incomprehensible interview. The difference between a clean mix and a muddled mess that doesn’t sound its best outside of the studio in which you mixed it. Luckily, there are several

Acoustic blankets

Acoustic Blankets for Podcasting | Kill the Reverb in Any Environment

Acoustic blankets and sound treatment arguably aren’t as popular in podcasting as they should be. We tend to get hung up on buying and upgrading things like mics, mixers, and audio plugins. Yet the environment we record in is of prime importance for how our content sounds. Acoustic blankets are something I’ve overlooked in the