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How to Record a Podcast

Recording on your own, with a group or an online call? Here we'll cover equipment setups, software, tools & techniques which make for top quality and super easy podcast recording.


A primer for How to Record a Podcast

recording podcast online

Best Tools for Recording a Podcast Online: Interviews, Co-hosting & Groups

Whether you run an interview show, or have a remote co-host, you need a means to record your podcast online.

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Create Home Studio

How to Create a Silent Home Studio & Improve Your Podcast Audio

Obsessing over sound quality should never prevent you from actually launching your show and getting episodes out there. Content and consistency are definitely more important than your actual audio. However, that’s not to say the sound of your show isn’t important – far from it in fact. As your podcast grows and matures you will…


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Podcast Launch Series

The Launch Series: from Zero to Live in Simple Steps

Our 3-part Launch series is designed to hold your hand through the entire podcast launch process, from planning your show to making it live on the web. For a step-by-step, in-detail, no-jargon guide to getting your show out into the world, start here!

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Stop! What’s That Sound: Troubleshooting Audio Issues

Sound recording is a garbage in, garbage out process. That is, the sound quality of your final product can only be as good as the quality of the sound recordings that go into the project from the start. Too often, the words “get it in post” are uttered for things that can’t be fixed in…

Aural Fixation: Clipping & Gain Staging

Of all the common issues in recording, by far the most common problem I hear in audio from my clients is clipping.   Clipping is the flattening of the top frequencies of any audio file. When you add your file into Adobe Audition or Audacity for editing, the software will be unable to create the…

How to Podcast from an Event: Live Broadcasting or Offline Recording

Events are brilliant places to capture audio for your show. Where else can you find a huge crowd of people, all in your niche, just waiting to be ambushed with a mic? Good event audio is tricky, though. You need quality kit that stays mobile. Then, add in factors like software, live broadcasting, music and…

Recording Skype Calls on Your PC using Voicemeeter

Prev Next September 4th 2017 How to Record a Podcast, Podcast Interviews 2 Comments One of the many hats I wear is producing Radio Drama Revival.  Frequently, host David Rheinstrom interviews guests about the medium, their process and interesting details about their lives.  As a producer for the podcast and a number of show of my…

Recording on Separate Tracks | The Podcast Multitracking Guide

Recording two speakers is bread and butter for podcasters, whether it’s a show with two regular co-hosts, or an interview on Skype. Today we’re not looking at the equipment used to record these, though. Instead, we’re looking at how you make the recording. That comes down to the oft-asked question: should I record my speakers…

When Is It Okay To Use Poor Sounding Audio?

It’s never been easier for hobbyists and amateur podcasters to produce a high quality show. But there will still likely be times when your audio sounds less than optimal (to put it politely). And you need to know how to deal with that. The good news is that bad sounding audio doesn’t have to mean…

What is Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)? What to look for & how to use it

Prev Next May 12th 2017 How to Record a Podcast No Comments I’m asked this a lot: what is signal to noise ratio, or SNR, or S/N? It’s a tricky one to describe, so lets go down Analogy Alley for a second. Imagine you’re meeting a friend. You haven’t seen one another in a very…

A Beginner’s Guide to Microphones for Voice

Prev Next March 24th 2017 How to Record a Podcast No Comments Searching for a new microphone can be a daunting task. The style and quality of microphones differs greatly, and the old standby that you get what you pay for isn’t necessarily true anymore. With great quality microphones available across the price spectrum, cost is no…

8 Things I Learned When I Recorded in a Pro Studio

There are many different ways of recording audio drama. I’ve been making my own sound stories since late 2011, and without a doubt the type of setup I have the least experience with is the most traditional – getting a group of people together in a studio. It’s always good to push outside of your…

Recording Skype into a Digital Recorder

Recording an interviewee or co-host remotely is one of the most common practices in podcasting. Though there are many tools and apps that can record calls online for you, some podcasters prefer to put their faith in the trusty digital recorder. So how do you record a Skype call into your digital recorder? Well, there’s…


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eCamm Call Recorder

eCamm is a long established recording tool for Skype and one we use regularly to record calls for our own interviews. Get high quality, split-track interview recordings really easily.  eCamm is Mac-only. For PC, try Talkhelper instead! *Both affiliate links, but we write about eCamm because it's great!

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