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Skype Voicemeeter

Recording Skype Calls on Your PC using Voicemeeter

One of the many hats I wear is producing Radio Drama Revival.  Frequently, host David Rheinstrom interviews guests about the medium, their process and interesting details about their lives.  As a producer for the podcast and a number of show of my own, I have a number of tools for working worldwide with guests and cast

Recording Skype into a Digital Recorder

Recording Skype into a Digital Recorder

Recording an interviewee or co-host remotely is one of the most common practices in podcasting. Though there are many tools and apps that can record calls online for you, some podcasters prefer to put their faith in the trusty digital recorder. So how do you record a Skype call into your digital recorder? Well, there’s

why record your podcast outdoors?

Why Record Your Podcast Outdoors?

When you hear the term “podcast studio” you might automatically conjure up images of mics, mixing desks, and cables running everywhere. The average “podcast studio” is somewhat less glamorous though. The vast majority of podcasters will simply plug a USB mic into their computer prior to recording. And most listeners won’t even be able to