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How to Record a Podcast

Recording on your own, with a group or an online call? Here we'll cover equipment setups, software, tools & techniques which make for top quality and super easy podcast recording.


A primer for How to Record a Podcast

recording podcast online

Best Tools for Recording a Podcast Online: Interviews, Co-hosting & Groups

Whether you run an interview show, or have a remote co-host, you need to know how to record a podcast online. Traditionally these types of recordings have always taken place over Skype. But a few new tools have appeared on the scene these past couple of years. Things like multitrack recording and local file storage…

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Create Home Studio

How to Create a Silent Home Studio & Improve Your Podcast Audio

Obsessing over sound quality should never prevent you from actually launching your show and getting episodes out there. Content and consistency are definitely more important than your actual audio. However, that’s not to say the sound of your show isn’t important – far from it in fact. As your podcast grows and matures you will…


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Podcast Launch Series

The Launch Series: from Zero to Live in Simple Steps

Our 3-part Launch series is designed to hold your hand through the entire podcast launch process, from planning your show to making it live on the web. For a step-by-step, in-detail, no-jargon guide to getting your show out into the world, start here!

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4 Top Tips For Getting the Best Audio Quality in an Interview

I’ve recently been working with a business owner on launching their new Podcast, and everything’s going well. We have 3 episodes in the can and more in production. As part of this launch and growth process, I always give a lot of feedback on improving recording quality from episode to episode. Most recently I was…

How to Reduce Intermittent Background Noise in Podcast Recordings

When recording a Podcast at home, background noise like passing traffic can be a big problem.  Let’s face it, if sound control was easy, why would we need hi tech recording studios? This is a pretty age-old question, but I’ve been asked it a few times recently, and spotted a great thread on in via Quora,…


Here's a tool that might help

eCamm Call Recorder

eCamm is a long established recording tool for Skype and one we use regularly to record calls for our own interviews. Get high quality, split-track interview recordings really easily.  eCamm is Mac-only. For PC, try Talkhelper instead! *Both affiliate links, but we write about eCamm because it's great!

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