Social Media & Community Manager

Social butterfly with a penchant for podcasts? We’re looking for a enthusiastic audience engagement manager to join our marketing team to help shape our community of 30,000+ podcasters.

Closing date: As soon as we find the right person! So, apply quick 🚀

We're Hiring! Social Media & Community Manager

What’s audience engagement? To us, it means social media with personality and care. It means community management & growth. It means getting to know our customers so well that you can help us create the exact right content and campaigns that turn them from followers into fans.

Your goal, at the end of the day, will be to help us increase engagement with existing fans, grow our audience, and increase website traffic and revenue.

You should have a solid understanding of how each social media channel works, with experience in optimising content for reach and engagement. You’ll be responsible for starting and joining relevant conversations on behalf of the brand, and “soft selling” our products by providing support to current and prospective customers. You’ll also have some experience in building or running a community online, whether as a hobby or a job.

Sound like you? Well, let’s get into the detail!

What do We Do?

Our core area of work is podcasting: helping others launch and grow an amazing, world-changing show. We publish a range of free resources on a regular basis at, and we direct anyone who needs more help to our coaching and web app products.

Here’s how our company works, and you’ll contribute to growing all 3:

  1. Supporting a close community of all-in media creators within our paid course library: The Podcast Host Academy. The community contains courses, resources and live-taught events to help anyone learn how to run a better show.
  2. Running a Software as a Service (SAAS) web application, Alitu, which is a tool to help people create a podcast. SAAS growth & marketing is a really interesting and growing area, and you’ll help us create our strategy around that.
  3. Affiliate and Sponsorship related to our free content. This means researching customer problems and needs, and creating content that really helps them. This is then monetised through product recommendations, sponsorship and other methods.

What you’ll be responsible for

First and foremost, this means: becoming the most ridiculously helpful and supportive member of our community, which means engaging with podcasters, guiding them to the right resources and inspiring them to get their voice out into the world.

To cover the more formal parts:

  • Building and executing a social media strategy through competitive research, benchmarking, messaging, and audience identification.
  • Establishing online communities for both brands – Alitu and The Podcast Host, and creating a strategy around how we make it the most supportive and useful community on the internet for podcasters.
  • Reporting on area KPIs, such as audience growth, engagement, and social-attributed sales
  • Developing a communication style guide, in partnership with the Head of Growth and content team.
  • Generate, edit, publish and share daily content (original text, images, video, or audio) that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action
  • Moderating user-generated content
  • Creating editorial calendars and syndication schedules
  • Contributing to content planning by sharing community wants and needs with the rest of the team
  • Work with our brand partners on cross-promotion campaigns
  • Proactively search for partnership and growth opportunities through social channels.

Core Skills

  • Social Media Marketing: we’re looking for someone with either:
    • 1 year of professional marketing experience, either employed or freelance OR
    • You’ve built a significant and engaged following of your own on at least one platform, and can show the strategy behind it
  • Community management: you’ve worked with communities and helped build them, either professionally, or at least as a hobby.
  • Writing: you’ll be creating articles, emails, social posts, adverts, scripts and much more. You need top notch writing skills.
  • Project management, logistics and detail: You’ll be managing the content output of the company, as well as quite a few other things.

Bonus Points:

  • Presenting skills: putting yourself across well through the audio and video mediums.
  • Podcasting experience: having run a podcast
  • Personal audience growth: having grown your own audience online
  • Paid advertising: you’ve run your own social PPC campaigns

How it Works

  • Salary – £18,000 > £28,000 / $28,000 USD >$40,000 USD depending on experience.
  • Hours – Flexible – from half week (20hrs) to full week (40 hrs)
  • Schedule – Flexible working hours.
  • Location – Primarily remote, but we have offices in Dundee and Edinburgh, Scotland, and Adelaide, Australia, if you prefer to work in person.
  • Benefits – The usual basics, and growing as we do: holiday pay (4 weeks per year), pensions, staff parties, etc. We’re still small, so we can’t quite compete with huge open offices and tonnes of freebies, but we make up for that in flexibility, balance, a close-knit team, and your ability to really make a difference in an early stage, growing company with a loyal fanbase.

How to Apply

Please pop over to the form below, and fill it out:

Any questions, just tweet us on @thepodcasthost or email us here.

PS. For some extra tips and advice, we have a guide on how to get a job in podcasting. Just sayin’…

More About Us and our Culture

We’re focused on being the #1 Podcasting resource on the internet, and we’re looking anyone that can commit to being all-in on that goal. Our aim it to enable anyone and everyone to get their voice and their message out into the world and make a difference!

We’re a remote-first startup, with staff based around the world. We started in Dundee, Scotland, but we’re looking for great people everywhere! We’ve grown out of the founder’s passion for podcasting and education, and are growing a team that share that passion.

We’re profit focused, and haven’t taken any equity based funding at all. We’re happy to grow in an organic and smart way, validating what we’ve got as we go, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the drive to move fast!

We know people want what we’ve got – we have a thriving content website with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, a coaching space with hundreds of members, and a software product with 1000s of subscribers. We want to get our education and our tools out to everyone who needs them, though, and help everyone to get their voice out into the world. We’re looking for digital media nuts to join us for the ride.

Here’s what this means to us:

  1. Success and creativity is recognised and rewarded
  2. Continued success > means growth > means career progression
  3. Every opinion counts. Get involved now and shape what this company becomes
  4. Work on a team where everyone LOVES what they do!

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