Job Opening: Front-End Developer

Work from anywhere, flexible-hours, part-time or full-time position.

Closing Date: Ongoing | Salary: Competitive & dependent on Experience

What Will You Work On?

Early 2018, we released our ‘Podcast Maker' web application – Alitu: The Podcast Maker. It's designed to automate podcast production for regular Podcasters and content creators. The user can upload an audio file, and our system can clean it up, add their branding and publish it, all automatically.

We also provide a range of other features to allow the user to record themselves, edit recordings and upload, add music and various other things required to create a great podcast.

What's the Job?

We're looking for one or more front-end developers to take on regular work on the app, to help us grow. We're built on a MERN stack, so React experience is essential. As is a creative eye for solving UX and UI problems, since much of what we're creating in Alitu is a first for the web.

Finally, if you're an audio geek too, even better – that's our core business – but work in audio or video streaming, editing or encoding is also great experience for Alitu. None of that is a requirements, though, just bonus points.

Our plans for the future are huge – we have a big list of features we want to get into the app, and we're now on the path from 1,000 users to 10,000. We need you to help us build a rock-solid, reliable tool for those users, and to work with us to build the new features that'll keep them excited.

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Technical Skills

We're looking for the following skills.


  • Strong Javascript/typescript experience, and React framework in particular

Bonus Points

Even better if you have experience with any of:

  • GraphQL
  • Auth0
  • Media production experience – video and/or audio
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • NodeJS experience
  • WordPress and Bootstrap experience (commercial)

Softer Skills

The big challenge here is creating an interface to allow our average user to carry out a set of quite complex tasks with their media. We need to let them do this in a really simple and easy way.

I’m looking for someone who will enjoy this creative challenge. I need you to help me rethink a process that currently intimidates or repels a large number of the people we work with. If you have experience in working with media (eg. audio or video editing), then that may be an advantage. Or, it might even be a disadvantage – we want to get away from existing ways of thinking.

In short, we need:

  • A creative mind, able to rethink and redesign an age-old process
  • A passion for making things simple, simple, simple
  • A real aptitude for great UX design and creating intuitive workflows
  • If you have a genuine interest in podcasting, even better!

The Details

We are a company based in Dundee, Scotland, but we’re happy to work with someone at a distance. Our existing team is almost entirely remote. If you're UK based, and did want to move to Dundee, of course, you're welcome to join us! It's a great and growing place for digital media, tech and games right now.

Working hours are also flexible. We need a commitment to at least 2.5 days per week, so we can grow some momentum on this. If you’re interested in full-time, then that’s great too. We need daytime working – any time between 8 and 6 UK time, Monday to Friday – so this isn’t for someone already in a full-time job, looking for evening or weekend work.

The salary for this role depends entirely on experience. We have the option to go with an experienced front-end developer, and the upper end of our scale. Or, we would consider a graduate with the enthusiasm to make the job their own, starting at a lower level. Either way, once the app launches, we’ll be growing the team. That means our existing developers will move up quickly and salary will increase an line with app traction and responsibility. We’re also open to a bit of negotiation on that for people with really extensive experience (including the possibility of equity or partnership, for the really right person…).

How to Apply

Please send us the following using the form below:

If interested, please send in your CV, and a cover letter which includes the following:

  • Your weekly availability, response times, and desired regular hours – part time or full time.
  • All of the frameworks and technologies in which you're proficient.
  • Examples of the work you've done around the essential requirements above.
  • Examples, if you have them, of any of the desired experience points above.

Developer Application

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    Please upload your CV here, making sure it's two A4 pages or less.
  • Why are you perfect for this job? 300 words MAX - do bullet points if you like, to keep it simple.

About Us

We're a startup based in Dundee, Scotland, focused on being the #1 Podcasting resource on the internet. Whatever your role here, you have to be all-in on that goal. We've grown out of the founder's passion for podcasting and education, and are growing a team that share that passion. We've had validation of our model, our ethos and our approach through support and funding, and plan to use this to grow what we do rapidly in the coming year. We're looking for digital media nuts to join us for the ride.

Here's what this means to us:

  1. Success and creativity is recognised and rewarded
  2. Continued success > means growth > means career progression
  3. Every opinion counts. Get involved now and shape what this company becomes
  4. Work on a team where everyone LOVES what they do!
  5. If you do want to move, become a part of Dundee's thriving digital media scene

For More Information

If you want to ask any questions, quickest and easiest place is Colin on Twitter.