The Scottish Podcast Scholarship is a competition aimed at finding and supporting the country’s next generation of podcasters.

Over the past three months, anyone currently in education in Scotland was invited to pitch us their ideas for the podcast series they’d like to create.

The winner will receive £400 in cash, pro-level audio equipment, and a year’s free podcast hosting from the scholarship sponsor, Spreaker.

The response was fantastic, with high quality entries from 18 different academic institutions.

This gave the judging panel the difficult job of narrowing the entries down to a shortlist of only six, but here they are:

Abertay University – Strengthening the Sideline: Women Into Coaching

Strengthening the Sideline: Women Into Coaching, by Jennifer Scally, is a podcast targeted at women who are looking at getting into coaching or developing themselves as coaches.

As a female sports coach, host Jennifer will find out more about the journey of other female coaches through a series of interviews.

Although women make up 51% of the population, only 17% of qualified coaches are women and only 12% of highly qualified coaches are women. Strengthening the Sideline aims to highlight the great coaches that are already out there and inspire the next generation in their own coaching journey.

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Edinburgh Napier University – Monzievaird Radio FM

Monzievaird Radio FM, by Peter Carson, is a comedy podcast starring the multiple characters who host radio programmes on the fictional ‘Monzievaird’ radio station in the Scottish Borders.

It will feature fake adverts, ridiculous original songs, intense callers complaining about how the station has gone downhill in recent years, and sketch comedy between two hosts in an improvisational tone.

It’s a podcast for people who like to laugh, but it isn’t restricted to only ‘Scottish comedy’; it’s enjoyable regardless of your nationality. Being set in the borders it will address aspects of life in the north of England, as well as the alleged recent Americanisation of local radio in the UK.

Forth Valley College – Ghouls of Scotland

Ghouls of Scotland, by Myrhan Stephen, is a documentary-style show, combined with atmospheric narrated stories about Scotland’s vibrant and often violent history.

What happens to those souls who succumb to a violent death? What are the hidden myths and legends of this historic country?

The podcast is primarily aimed at young adults who have an interest in the myths, legends, and ghost stories of Scotland.

Glasgow Caledonian University – Our Scotland, Your Scotland

Our Scotland, Your Scotland, by Jack Aitchison, aims to tell the stories of the country’s refugees. The podcast will seek to learn about their past, how well they are fitting in to life in Scotland, and any difficulties they may be facing.

Through a series of interviews, with the help of an interpreter if necessary, (each family/individual being a different podcast episode), the podcast not only aims to help the refugees in telling their story to help them engage with our society, but also to help locals in Scotland better understand what the refugees’ lives were like before coming to this country, and what they have gone through.

University of Dundee – Forest School

Forest School, by Alison Philp, is podcast about forest school education initiatives within Scotland, from nursery age through to secondary school and beyond.

The series aims to raise awareness of forest schools in Scotland, and to educate people about the ethos and the possible benefits for children who attend a forest school.

It will allow educators and children involved in these initiatives, who are outwith the normal mainstream education system, to have their voices and opinions heard by others, and also for the sounds of the forest to contribute to the conversation, in their own ephemeral and serendipitous way, .

University of Dundee – The British Comics Project

The British Comics Project, by Kelly Kanayama, seeks to take an in-depth look at the huge influence of British comic books and comics creators on pop culture.

The podcast will talk to British comics creators, industry pros, critics, and scholars about the UK’s fascinating comics history, how it has affected other popular media, and what the future holds for British comics and their pop culture ramifications.

Driven by a passion for comics, and buoyed by their irreverent, tongue-in-cheek approach, The British Comics Project is your podcast guide to how Britain’s comics industry has shaped the world we live in today.

The Final Hurdle

So what happens now?

Well, each of the finalists will have the opportunity to present and discuss their pitches with the judges in person.

After the interviews, everything will be reviewed once more and an outright winner chosen.

The judges will probably read this post – so if you fancy weighing in on the decision-making process yourself, you can leave a comment below.

Which podcast series appeals to you the most, and why?