What’s the Word?

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The R-Word is a podcast about the very thing that drives our politics, our wars and for many our decision making process: Religion.

It is a show not only for discerning, smart-minded audiences who aren’t afraid to laugh and question our fundamental beliefs, but also for the faithful, who, with open minds and hearts, really cling to life’s true lesson: everyday is for learning and growing.

All of this, most of the time, is done with tongue and cheek and while we can’t promise we won’t offend, we do sure hope to entertain, educate and inform (which is a type of education anyway).

Each week we’ll add a new podcast covering a week’s worth of news from the world of religion. So keep coming back or subscribe to the feed or follow us on twitter (@RWordPodcast) or whatever other mobile, instant-information mechanism you choose. Remember when you didn’t have to make yourself available 24/7. Ah, then you had time to think about the meaning of life.

Now, go and spread the word … the R-Word.

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