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FanFission Launch Competition: Prizes Announced!

You might have spotted it: last week we launched a new learning and support community from The Podcast Host. It's called FanFission.

We've been delighted, amazed and honored by the response! The support, the feedback and the questions we've had are astounding. One thing's for sure, we're not lacking in content ideas for the next few months!

This week I want to announce a competition that we're running for new members.

We wanted to do something special to mark the opening of FanFission and to give our new members even more to cheer about. So, here's what we're doing:

For everyone that signs up during the launch (14th Nov – 2nd December) you'll be automatically entered into a competition for a range of prizes.

Yep, there's nothing else you need to do. Just join us in FanFission, and we'll do a draw from every one of our members.

We're going to draw 7 prizes – yep, loads of chances to win and aimed at novice and experienced podcasters alike! Here's the list:

  • Cover Art STD package – new pro-designed cover art – sells for $250
  • Cover Art PLUS package – incl. pro cover art & banners – sells for $400
  • Zoom iQ5 – turn your Smartphone into a top-quality recorder worth $90
  • Samson Meteorite – another great USB mic worth $40
  • Rode Smartlav + – excellent little lav mic for on-the-go worth $90
  • Rode PSA1 Boom Arm – top quality mic boom arm worth $100

That's nearly $1000s worth of prizes!

Podfest: Learn From a World of Podcasters!

Meet the podcasting community, and learn from the most successful shows around, at Podfest.

More details on Podfest

And I want to give some of my own time, too. We'll be doing a huge amount of support in the forums, of course, but I'm not doing 1-to-1 coaching outside of that any more. Except for this!

  • 1 Hour 1-to-1 mastermind call with me, Colin Gray

Are you looking for some close 1-on-1 help and advice? Looking to design a brand new show, or refine one that already exists? I'm up for helping as much as I can. We'll get on the phone and talk it through over an hour.

Remember, to enter, you just need to be a member of FanFission. We'll do the draw in January, and even if you only stick around for the first month, you're still in. Really, it's a thank you to the amazing people that take the leap and join us in there, even if you decide it's not for you in the end. Pop over and check out the details here:

FanFission Community Details

Any questions or concerns, just get in touch by email, on social or give us a call.

Competition Ts & Cs:

  1. Members paying a minimum of a 1 month subscription will gain entry into the competition.
  2. Only 1 prize can be won by any one member. 
  3. The Podcast Host ltd. reserves the right to cancel this competition at any time.
  4. The draw will be made by the end of the month of January. 
  5. Winners will be notified within 1 week of the competition draw. 
  6. Prizes will be sent to winners within 1 week of notification.
  7. You must be able to receive a parcel from Amazon to qualify to enter. 

Written by:

Colin Gray

Colin has been teaching people how to podcast since 2007. He's worked with Universities, businesses and hobbyists alike. He started The Podcast Host to share his experience and to help as many people as possible get into Podcasting. He runs Podcraft, to spread the art of podcasting, and does the Mountain Bikes Apart podcast whenever he can. Who doesn't like to talk bikes, after all!

November 21st 2016
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