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Schedule for Podcast Movement 2022 Announced

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Podcast Movement, perhaps the biggest podcast industry event, has announced its speaker lineup for 2022. The event, August 23-26, 2022 in Dallas, TX, USA, has dozens of tracks, hands-on workshops, and talks. Let’s take a look at the schedule and some of the must-see talks.

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Podcast Movement 2022’s Tracks

Let’s start with the conference tracks; these are the big-picture areas the conference talks will cover. We have: 

  • Creation, which will help launch and produce your podcast. 
  • Industry, which gathers experts from across the podcasting landscape to present their data, observations, and predictions.
  • Marketing, to help you grow your show’s listener base and get more downloads, 
  • Monetization, to help you generate revenue with your podcast
  • Society, Culture, and Advocacy, designed to talk about some of the tougher questions in podcasting around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Technical, to help put the right gear and processes in place
  • Audio Drama / Fiction, in case you want to get in on one of the fastest-growing genres in podcasting
  • Brand Impact will teach you how your brand can leverage podcasting to make it part of your marketing plan. 
  • Spanish Language, to celebrate and learn from those who podcast completely in Spanish

Phew! That’s a lot of tracks! And while you’re probably thinking there’s too much to learn, don’t worry. The schedule is pretty well organized. 

Schedule Notes

Thursday (the 23rd) is kick-off and workshop day. And there are several to choose from. If it’s your first time attending, you want to be in the Lone Star A3/A4 Room. There are three separate sessions dedicated to orienting new attendees. 

Aside from that, it’s up to you! Each workshop has a separate registration, and there are descriptions on the full schedule

There are sessions the rest of the time, and most of the tracks will remain the same across the remaining days. The only tracks that change by day occur in rooms Lone Star C3/C4 and Dallas C. So if you’re attending pay close attention to those tracks. 

If you’re not attending, don’t worry! Podcast Movement includes a Virtual Pass, which for $199, gets you: 

  • Live video stream of all keynote sessions, as well as four of the track stages, across the three event days (Wednesday through Friday)
  • On-demand video and audio of all sessions after the event (approximately one month after the event concludes)

…you can also add a T-Shirt for $15 if you’d like.

If you are attending, the virtual pass is an additional $100, and this guarantees that while you can attend the most important talks to you in person, you will have access to all of the content to review later. 

Attendees at a previous Podcast Movement

Interesting Themes and Recurring Subjects

Whether you choose to view the sessions via live streaming or in person, there are a few notable themes throughout the event. 

For example, this year, there’s a dedicated video podcasting track. The question of if you should make a video podcast has become more common in recent months, with the likes of YouTube seemingly getting in on the podcast action. Increasingly the answer seems to be yes, and the video podcasting track could give you valuable insight into successfully moving in that direction. 

Podcast growth is another common problem for podcasters, as there’s no single platform for discoverability like there is with videos and YouTube. The Podcast Growth track promises to offer a full day of insights, data, and strategies for you to grow and keep your audience effectively. 

Another area that has become of interest over the last year or so is the Independent Podcaster track. Data suggests that most of the money in podcasting goes to the top 1% of podcasts. Networks and platforms acquire many of those podcasts. 

So, what can you do as an independent podcaster? This track aims to help you answer that question. One talk that’s a must-see for any independent podcaster is Mike Kadin’s Getting Serious: The Guide to Turning a Hobby into Middle Class Income. It aims to show that you don’t need the backing of a big network to make good money with a podcast.

Then there’s the Society, Culture, and Advocacy track. Talks here cover reaching underrepresented audiences and voices, the importance of storytelling to different communities, and other important topics like reaching children, talking about trauma, and representing deafness through a primarily audio medium. 

Finally, diversity and inclusion is a topic that spans multiple tracks. There’s an entire Spanish Language track, which is one of the fastest growing areas in podcasting. Talks here cover breaking into this community and the social impact these podcasts have there. 

Keeping Up With the Changing Landscape

Podcast Movement 2022 is sure to help podcasters keep up with the quickly evolving landscape. With thousands of hosts, producers, and industry experts, it’s the biggest event in the podcasting space. And the sheer number of talks and topics, from teaching beginners to having tough but important conversations, ensures that every attendee (whether in-person or virtual), will gain crucial knowledge to improve and grow.

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