Simple recording and editing tool for busy podcasters.

Edit in minutes, not hours. No more time-consuming repetitive work, like cleaning up your audio, converting files or fiddling with the fades. You get drag and drop tools made for podcasters, so you can sound crisp, stay consistent, and focus on growing your show.

Automated audio cleanup

You want to sound like a big budget studio, so every audio file you use will be automatically cleaned up. Reducing background noises and hums, and levelling your audio for a consistent, crisp sound.

Call Recording for Your Podcast

Record yourself, or remotely with up to 5 guests. No need to wait for uploads or downloads, your files will be available in your Alitu library when you’re finished recording.

Remove Silences or Mistakes

Awkward silence? You made a joke and no one laughed? We’ve all been there! With Alitu you can easily highlight and remove all the mistakes and silences you don’t want in your podcast and we will get rid of them!

Podcast Branding Made Easy

Set your intro and outro once, and forget it! We will automatically add your intro and outro to your every new podcast you make. Don’t have an intro or outro yet? No problem! Just use our free music library to set the right mood.

Publish Straight to Your Host

Connect your favourite hosting service, and easily publish your finished episodes to your favourite provider without leaving Alitu. We will be with you from the moment you hit record to when it’s time to make your podcast live.

Our Users Love Alitu

Don’t just take our word for it! Our users love Alitu!

“Alitu just gives me the features that I need – and a lot of it is automated. That’s exactly what I wanted. I was able to figure it out on my own, with zero podcasting experience. And I came up with an episode that was fantastic.”

Dr Kevin Pho

<strong>Elizabeth Pampalone</strong>’s avatar image
Elizabeth Pampalone – Rated 5 stars on TrustPilot

For my podcast, Absolute Marketing Podcast, editing used to take forever and it almost didn’t make to the world because I hated editing so much! It now takes me 10 min to edit and publish a podcast. It used to take me HOURS AND HOURS before Alitu.

<strong><strong><strong><strong>Grant Chandler</strong></strong></strong></strong>’s avatar image
Grant Chandler – Rated 5 stars on TrustPilot

Alitu is amazing and I would agree with other reviewers that I’d give it more than five stars if I could. It makes the entire process incredibly quick, easy, and painless. I can focus on content and let them work their magic. Their willingness to help and support is second to none. Very happy to have found Colin and his team.

<strong><strong><strong><strong>David Leister</strong></strong></strong></strong>’s avatar image
David Leister – Rated 5 stars on TrustPilot

I had a terrific experience with Allegra in customer service/technical support. She is both knowledgeable and joyful, a true asset to your team. Thank you for being so responsive, competent and helpful. Wonderful work and customer service, Team Alitu. Allegra, you’re awesome!

<strong><strong><strong><strong>Larry Ford</strong></strong></strong></strong>’s avatar image
Larry Ford – Rated 5 stars on TrustPilot

I LOVE ALITU!!!!! Alitu was recommended to me by Mark Asquith. i tried it out, and I’m amazed! I’m handicapped, stuck in a wheelchair, have use of only one arm, and I work alone. Obviously, then, I’m always anxious to find ways to save time, and do so with as much convenience as possible. Alitu not only saves me at least two hours a week in putting my audio files together, but it saves me much more time in the editing process by automatically leveling out the volume.

<strong><strong>Caroline Moassessi</strong></strong>’s avatar image
Caroline Moassessi – Rated 5 stars on TrustPilot

The secret sauce of using Alitu is that someone like me, who is not tech savvy can excel at creating professional podcasts for a national food allergy advocacy organization. If I ever run into trouble, Alitu’s kind staff listens closely and then works to help me. I never panic when I run across a challenge since I know Alitu has my back!

<strong><strong>Kate W</strong></strong>’s avatar image
Kate W – Rated 5 stars on TrustPilot

Podcast editing made easy! I approached the task daunted by other editing software but then found Alitu and it is so easy and has so many great tools, like recording straight onto the platform and they even give you music if you need it. Highly recommend.

<strong><strong>Janice Malone</strong></strong>’s avatar image
Janice Malone – Rated 5 stars on TrustPilot

I love Alitu!! I am a new customer with Alitu. I cannot express how pleased I am with their software! I’ve been doing my podcast since 2007 but it’s also airing on a local radio station too. Using Alitu helps me save so much time and effort. I can now do both the podcast and the radio show more efficiently. Alitu has thought of everything that’s needed for podcasts. Also, I love how there are actual, live customer service people available to speak with if you need them. They will reply directly to your questions, unlike most companies today. I highly suggest ANYBODY who’s doing a podcast or considering doing a podcast to please sign up with Alitu. It’s soooo worth the few dollars a month!

<strong><strong><strong>Georgie Lewis</strong></strong></strong>’s avatar image
Georgie Lewis – Rated 5 stars on TrustPilot

I signed up for Alitu in March after deciding podcasting would be a fun hobby during lockdown. It has been marvellous! Very intuitive platform, tons of features that save me time, and lovely and kind support people when needed. Takes a lot of weight off the podcasting production, so good for beginners, but also people who just want to save some time!

Why choose Alitu?

Intuitive with Nero Zero Learning Curve

Right after you sign up, we’ll help you make your first episode in just 15 minutes – whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

Save Money On Kit and Outsourcing

Record with the equipment you have, and let Alitu clean up your audio so you sound as good as possible. Editing with Alitu is easy and fast, so you won’t need to outsource.

Premium Courses Included For Free

Starting your first podcast? Or looking to grow your show? Get access to hours of free courses and learning materials created by seasoned podcasters.

Friendly Support Always Ready to Help

Got a question or feeling stuck? Our helpful and friendly support team will be there to help you get unstuck with your podcast.

Alitu is made for people who care about quality, but don’t care for the technical, time-consuming faff that goes with it.

Consultants, hobbists, experts, marketers, taste-makers, entrepreneurs and business owners. We know your time is precious.

Monthly Plan

$32/month (USD)

  • Record solo
  • Record remotely (with guests)
  • Upload multiple recordings
  • Merge double-ender recordings
  • Automated audio cleanup
  • Trim your recordings
  • Cut out any mistakes
  • Create your theme music
  • Add music to your episode
  • Add fades from music to voice
  • Add id3 tags to your file
  • Alitu: Learn Podcasting Courses

Yearly Plan

$320/year (USD)

  • Record solo
  • Record remotely (with guests)
  • Upload multiple recordings
  • Merge double-ender recordings
  • Automated audio cleanup
  • Trim your recordings
  • Cut out any mistakes
  • Create your theme music
  • Add music to your episode
  • Add fades from music to voice
  • Add id3 tags to your file
  • Alitu: Learn Podcasting Courses
  • Get two months free