Follow-up Resources for Colin Gray’s Talk at TCMA

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Welcome, TCMA Attendee! 

I hope you enjoyed the presentation – you'll find it on the right so that you can have a look back at any kit recommendations you need.

Thanks for popping over to check out The Podcast Host. I wanted to offer as many resources as I can, all of which will hopefully get you started on your Podcasting journey.

I've some What's Next steps below – work your way through, and if you need even more help, just get in touch at the bottom. Enjoy!

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Podcasting Skills: From Novice Podcaster to Confident Broadcaster

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Step 1: Subscribe to PodCraft

PodCraft: Honing the Art of PodcastingFirst stop is PodCraft, my ‘How to Podcast' podcast. The 1st series is a 10 episode guide to getting started in Podcasting. It takes you through the process, from start to finish, launching with minimum fuss.

Then following series take you through more advanced stuff, eg. series 2 which is currently covering an A to Z of Podcasting equipment.

For beginners, work through S1 first, and for everyone else, join in now: view the PodCraft website or subscribe on iTunes.

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Step 2: Get My Podcasting Book

How to Podcast: A Simple GuideFor more tips, check out my book on Podcasting. It's quite similar in content to the 10 day Podcasting course opposite, but it also includes some visual guides to Audacity. If you're struggling to get to grips with Audacity then this could help a lot.

I realise some people prefer to have something to read too, so this could be a good complement to the audio guide above. Click here to download the book.

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Step 3: Get Your Newly Recorded Episode Online!

Learning how to Podcast ProperlyOne of the main services I offer here on The Podcast Host is personalised, bespoke podcast hosting. You need a Podcast hosting space in order to get your podcast episodes online.

My hosting is tailored for you, so you can decide on the template, the layout, the plugins and many more things, and have me manage the technical side of things. The aim is to give you the power and flexibility you'd get with a self-hosted Podcasting website, but without the technical hassle. Check out the options here.

This is premium, mentored and tailored, so it doesn't compete with some standard Podcast Hosting packages on price, but I believe it's well worth it. If you're looking for a decent basic service, then I'd recommend LibSyn.

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Step 4: Podcasting & Online Business Courses

LearnDEn-entrepreneur-training-logo-squareMy other project, alongside The Podcast Host, is online business education. I run a range of flexible, online business courses through, all aimed at helping you to grow your own business through media and the web.

Currently sign-up is free because of a government project I'm involved in so feel free to sign up for the Podcasting course, or any others you're interested in.

Have a look here for information on my LearnDEn courses.

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Even More Help: Articles, Email and 1 to 1 Support

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Podcasting Support

Here are a few articles that will answer some of the questions I got at the event.

More Podcasting Equipment Advice:

Where to Get Podcasting Music (I'm going to put together a full article on this soon):

Need more personalised advice?

I'm happy to offer 1 to 1 mentoring to anyone on a simple hourly basis. This can be done in person, via Skype or email, and I've helped lots of people start Podcasting in this way. If you want to enquire about this, just get in touch here. Thanks again for visiting and I hope to speak to you soon!

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