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Best Podcast Website Builders: Simple Ways to Create Great Sites

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Best Podcast Website Builders: At-a-glance

  • A podcast website builder can create a fully-fledged website for your show in a matter of minutes.
  • To use one though, your show podcast already needs to exist.
  • You get a default website with your podcast hosting provider, but some podcasters find these limiting.
  • Using a service like Podpage or Podcastpage can help you create a pro-level website quickly, and without any hassle.
  • Both offer free trials, and Podpage even has a full free tier.
  • Read on to find out more…

The days of hand-building your own podcast RSS feed with chicken bones and guitar string are long behind us. There are many great hosting platforms on the market these days that make it easy to create a show, upload your episodes, and distribute them everywhere podcasts can be found.

Likewise, you no longer need to know a thing about web design to create a great looking home for your show. In this article, I want to talk about a couple of great podcast website builders, Podpage and Podcastpage.io. Using one of these services can get you up and running with an excellent website in minutes – without having the slightest bit of technical know-how.

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First up, though…

Do You Need a Podcast Website?

Yes and no. You do need a podcast hosting platform to create your show, and to upload and distribute your content. And, in fact, any decent podcast hosting platform will provide you with a “website” by default. The quality, depth, and flexibility of these range from host to host, though. For what it’s worth, I think the best hosting default website option out there right now is Captivate.

Having a website means simplicity and consistency for your audience, which can really help with your podcast growth. Some podcasters link to places like Apple/iTunes when sharing their show. But, this excludes anyone who doesn’t listen on that particular platform. It leaves potential listeners to go and hunt out your show on their listening app of choice. Some might not find it. Others might not even bother.

A much better practice is to only ever share one URL – and that’s the one that takes them to your own website. Once listeners (and potential listeners) land on this site, they can find links on where to subscribe. They’ll also be able to browse through your back catalogue, look at any other content you’ve posted, and get in touch with you. For a deeper dive on this, check out Optimising Your Podcast Website for Growth.

I’ve mentioned using your media host’s default website already. An alternative – the most flexible and limitless option – is to create your own peerless site. This isn’t too difficult – in fact, we have a free podcast website course that walks you through it all, step by step. But, it can still seem like a barrier, if you’re an absolute beginner.

So let’s take a look at a third option, which is to use a dedicated podcast website builder.

What is a Podcast Website Builder?

A podcast website builder is a service that… strangely enough, builds you a podcast website.

The one condition is that your podcast already exists. You need an RSS feed, which is a unique URL you’ll get when you sign up and create your show on a podcast hosting platform.

If you’ve already launched your show, and are underwhelmed at the look of the default website given to you by your hosting platform, then you might want to try out a podcast website builder like Podpage or Podcastpage.io.

A heads up that our links to both of these podcast website builder services are affiliates. This means we’d earn a commission if you were to sign up through them to a paid tier (at no extra cost to yourself!).

Both make it quick and simple to preview and set up. You paste your RSS feed in (or search for your show by name) and you’ll be presented with a few different templates. Then, you just choose the one you like best.

Once that initial choice is made, you’ll be offered a multitude of customisation options where you can tweak and tailor til your heart’s content. Some folks will love spending time getting everything perfect, whilst others are using a podcast website builder because they want to spend as little time as possible on the thing. Only you will know what camp you fall in to.

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Podpage Vs Podcastpage

Having had a play with these podcast website builder services, it’s clear that both are excellent tools. Let’s highlight the key differences though, to help you make a more informed choice!


You can run one website, free, on Podpage. Podcastpage, on the other hand, charges $8 a month for their lowest (one website) tier.

You can try out Podcastpage free for 14 days, or the full paid features on Podpage for 7 days.

On the Podpage free tier, you can’t use your own custom domain, but can upgrade to their paid tier for only $5 a month. So it’s both the free option, and the cheapest paid option.

Key Features

At this moment in time, Podpage looks to have the upper hand on the number of features offered. We reviewed Podpage in late 2020 and they add new tools and options at a frightening rate. It’s difficult to keep up with them.

On Podpage’s top single website tier of $12 a month, you’d be hard pushed to find something you can’t do. There’s everything from email list building and ad tracking, to redirects, social post generation. You can even receive listener voicemails.

Networks & Multiple Shows

Where Podcastpage might currently be the better option, is if you wanted to create multiple websites for various shows. Here, you can run three sites for $18 a month. However, if you were setting up a large network though, then you can get up to 25 podcasts for $50 a month on Podpage.

Using a Podcast Website Builder for Your Show

If you plan to use a podcast website builder, then you’ve two great options in Podpage and Podcastpage.io.

Remember, you can try them both for free. If you’ve already created your podcast on a dedicated hosting platform, then you’ll be able to preview your fancy new sites in a matter of minutes. See what you think.

If I had to choose one, though, Podpage has a free tier, the overall cheapest tier (of $5 a month), and the upper hand on the sheer amount of features on offer. Read our full review of Podpage if you’d like to do a bit more digging.

Remember, you’ll also get a website by default via your hosting platform. You might be happy enough with that, and want less places to log in, check, and update. The quality of these default sites vary, but the best I’ve seen so far are Captivate.

And if you’d like to avoid third-party altogether, and create your show’s own home online, our free podcast website course will walk you through the entire process.

We can also help you with website stuff, along with any other podcast related questions, advice, or guidance, in our weekly live Q&A sessions. You can access them (along with all our courses and downloadable resources) inside Podcraft Academy.

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