How To Get An Alexa Skill For Your Podcast

How to Get an Amazon Alexa Skill for Your Podcast

Is it worth setting up an Amazon Alexa Skill for your podcast? You might not think so, especially if you don’t use any sort of smart speaker yourself, or remain pretty nonplussed about the whole thing. But why deny listeners the opportunity to listen to your show where and when they like? Believe it or

How to Move a Podcast off Soundcloud

How to Move a Podcast off Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a great platform for sharing audio. The player is beautiful, and the sharing/embedding experience is excellent. But the platform does have quite a few little foibles when it comes to podcasting, and recent financial reports show that it’s future isn’t exactly rock solid… So, if you’re thinking about jumping ship, this article is for

Organising a Podcasting Website: Should You Mix Blog & Podcast Posts?

Another Podcasting Q&A for you today, this time prompted by a customer of The Podcast Host’s podcast production services. We’re currently working through launch and his question revolved around how to integrate podcasting within his existing website. It’s something that comes up often as people look to bring podcasting into their wider content marketing mix.