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Top 10 Mobile Technology Podcasts

1. AppSlappy

By Scott Jojnson-Frogpants Studios

Description: AppySlappy is a mobile tech podcast that features everything you need to know about iPhones, iPods, iTouches, iPad and the all time favorite app store! Listen to the two hosts, Scott & Eric for your very own weekly dose of app store goodness. This podcast also covers reviews, news, and more! So tune in now to know the latest updates!

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2. IFive for the I Phone (HD)

By Twit

Description: IFive for the Iphone is your top five list of the best things iPhone has to offer which ishosted by Sarah Lane. This podcast covers the latest and new apps and also learn helpful tricks to make the best use out of your iPhone. This is a fast-paced show that will definitely make you an iPhone master in no time.

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3. iPad Today (HD)

By Twit

Description: iPad today was created by the two tech geeks Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane. Because of these tech geek’s love to their iPods, this resulted to the creation of iPad Today. They usually feature and highlight the best apps, helpful tools, cool tricks and important news around the iPad revolution. iPad Today is smart, informative, and also lots of fun.

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4. Tapped-In: iPhone application Reviews

By Fox News

Description: Tapped- In: iPhone Application Reviews is a cool podcast perfect for those who owns an iPhone. This podcast covers all the thousand of iPhone applications out there. This podcast understands that not all apps are great, some are remarkable and some are stinkers. Tapped- In can help you bust away this boredom thru online busting games to truly useful utilities.

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5. The Ars Technicast

By Ars Technica

Description: The Ars Techicast is a podcast from Ars Technica. This podcast brings you the latest trends and new updates when it comes to the world of computing, technology, science and everything else relevant to the topics mentioned above. Ars Technicast gives out origin news, reviews, and analysis of tech trends and also expert advices regarding the fundamental aspects of tech.

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6. AppAdvice Daily (iphone Optimized)

By AppAdvice.com

Description: AppAdvice Daily is a podcast that covers ultimate app news, reviews and other tip resources for any device. This podcast covers things like how a Vodafone gives you signal high above London because of its fiber optics, how Lynx A 3D camera hits Kickstarter, and why Kodak closes its digital imaging patent sale, and settles disputes and other relevant topics.

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7. Engadget Mobile

By Myriam Joire, Brad Molen and Joseph Volpe

Description: The Engadget Mobile Podcast takes you to a different world of phones, gadgets and Apps. Join Engadget Mobile’s hosts, Myriam Joire, Brad Molen and Joseph Volpe weekly for the latest news and remarks. Listen as they unravel pretty much anything else that fits in your own pocket. So if you don’t want to miss out anything new, Tune in now!

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8. Android Central Podcast

By Mobile Nations

Description: Mobile Nations brings you the Android Central Podcast. This podcast brings to you the very best of Android Central, CrackBerry.com, PreCentral.net, TiPb.com, and WPCentral.com. Hosted by Phil, Jerry, Mickey, and Cory. These four hosts will never tire in bringing you the latest updates when it comes to Google Android news. So if you want to be updated, Tune in now!

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9. Engadget HD

By Ben Drawbaugh and Richard Lawler

Description: Engadget HD podcast is viewed as the high-water mark when it comes to HD news and option. HD team eagerly works to bring you the best in all things especially in home theater. This podcast is hosted by Richard Lawler and Ben Drawbaugh. Join them as they explore the full scale of display, and everything else under the HD sun.

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10. IMore show

By Mobile Nation

Description: The iMore show features everything about iphone, iPod, ipad and mini- ipad, Mac and other Apple products, Apple company store, and Macworld. This show also includes in-depth news, detailed analysis, informative reviews and other related topics around Apple. This podcast is hosted by Rene Ritchie and sometimes joined with the iMore’s expert panelists and also the industry leading special guests.

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