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Podcast Lists for Busy People: Find The Best Podcasts On the Internet


Welcome to The Podcast Host’s podcast lists for busy people. The place where you can find some of the best podcasts around, and quickly find your next listen. That guide will walk you through everything you need to know and help you take full advantage of the shows we’ve got on offer, here.

If you’re brand new to this on-demand audio medium, here’s how to listen to podcasts.

We’re not trying to be complete here. Instead, we’re taking the age-old quality over quantity route, knowing that you don’t have time to search yourself. Even if you do, you don’t have the time to waste on rubbish content.

Look here, though, if you are looking for the complete top podcasts list.

After all, podcasts are audio nectar for the ears, but short they ain’t. It can take half an hour or more to give a show a fair shot. So, 10 not-so-good shows later, and you’ve wasted 5 hours of your life where you could have been entertained, educated and inspired.

To that end, we’ve collated lists of only the most listened to, most entertaining and most useful Podcasts in a large set of categories.

Depending on the coverage in that Category, it could be a Top 20, or a a Top 10, or even only a Top 5. But, you know that the ones listed are worth listening to – no more wasted time, just Podcasting brilliance.

So, shortcut the review process. Choose one of our categories, pick a podcast, and start listening. Still, I can’t guarantee it’ll be the perfect show for you. But at least you’ll know everything here is of a really hight standard, so there’s a better hit rate than average.

Turn on. Tune in. Cop out. From bad shows, that is. Enjoy!

First, Level-up Your Heaphones 🎧

Remember, if you’re going to listen to great quality shows, you might as well make sure they sound the very best in your precious ear-holes. For that, you need a great set of cans.

Whether you’re a fan of big-ass over-ears, delicate little earbuds or a fancy pair of wireless earphones, you’ll find your next headphone loves here. We’ve tested a tonne of them, to save you the bother. Treat your ears to the phones they deserve!

🎧 Best Headphones on the market »

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Other Resources for Listeners

As a podcast listener, we’ve got a few others things for you on ThePodcastHost.com:

Want to Start your Own Show?

Why not create your own show? Maybe it’ll end up in one of our ‘best of’ lists in future! Starting a podcast is easier than you think. Check out the guide below for a step-by-step guide:

How to Start a Podcast »

Looking to Submit to these Podcast Lists?

Sorry, you can’t! Our standard listings are curated, over time, and I’m afraid we don’t take submissions from show creators or listeners. There are dozens of directories out there for that very purpose. If you’re a creator, check out the best podcast directories here.

But, we do have sponsored sections within each category. If you’d like to take a sponsored slot, apply here. We still do a quality review, because we want to make sure only great quality shows appear here, sponsored or not. But, if you create your show with love, there’s no reason not to apply.