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  • Planning & Techniques

    • Create your own podcast workflow
    • How to efficiently plan episodes
    • Find your podcast audience
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    • How to record your first podcast
    • Produce and plan your episode
    • Find music for your podcast show
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    • Find your perfect microphone
    • See our favourite gear
    • Equipment recommendations
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  • Podcasting Software

    • How to record calls for podcasts
    • Learn about dynamic range & volume
    • Software recommendations
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  • Growth & Money

    • Make money with your podcast
    • Guide to podcast sponsorship
    • Patreon for podcasters
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  • Publishing & Directories

    • How to publish your first podcast
    • How to setup iTunes & Spotify
    • Get your show noticed
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Really simple podcast editing for people in a hurry. Alitu is a web-based tool that takes your raw recordings & helps you turn them into an amazing, audience-growing show.

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There are many hats to be worn when it comes to running The Podcast Host and Alitu. Get to know the globe-spanning team of folks who wear them.

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