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Five Things to Learn From Your Favorite Podcast

Five Things to Learn From Your Favorite Podcast (and One to Avoid)

By Melissa Brinks The beauty of podcasting is that, theoretically, anybody can do it. The downside is that the podcasts that inspire us to try our hand at it typically have more staff, better equipment, and more funding than we can hope to achieve at an early stage. When it comes to drawing inspiration from our

#LetsTalk2021 – Podcasting Contest Announcement

#LetsTalk2021 is a challenge for podcasters, whether they’re just starting out, or haven’t started yet. The goal is to create a pilot episode and a 60-second trailer for a podcast centered around positivity and discourse.


A Gazillion (& Growing!) Great Podcasting Resources

The Complete Podcast Pointers List I’m a relentlessly researching geek when it comes to tools, tips, gear and resources. I get unfeasibly excited when I find anything that makes life just a little easier! That’s why this epic post exists. It’s a collection of my favourite finds, sent our via Podcast Pointers (our fortnightly podcasting newsletter), and