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The Podcast Host

Meet the Team behind The Podcast Host & Alitu

There are many hats to be worn when it comes to running The Podcast Host and Alitu. Here are the globe-spanning team of folks who wear them…

Colin Gray The Podcast Host

Colin Gray

CEO & Founder

Colin is a podcaster, international speaker, PhD and founder of The Podcast Host and Alitu. Colin started out in Astrophysics, before realising how much maths you had to do. Turns out Podcasting has less maths, and more interesting puzzles! Now he’s been in podcasting for 12 years and aims to help everyone to get their voice heard.

Matthew McLean

Audio & Content Production

Enjoys working in sound design and audio production. Makes puerile and often quite pessimistic audio drama. Likes to help others master the craft of podcasting, without ever having mastered it himself. Is pals with rabbits. Always learning.


Judy Remollo

Web / Admin / Alitu Support

Judy is a WordPress website expert, in-charge of the admin side of things and a problem solver over at Alitu. She’s been with the company since 2013 and continue to grow along with it. She loves solving pesky problems, providing solutions and generally just a happy helper. Outside of work, she spends time with her husband and her girls. She’s a freak for plants, pizza and coffee 😉

Allegra Sinclair

Alitu Podcaster Success

Allegra is a long-time podcaster who loves audio more than popcorn and she loves popcorn! She enjoys making complex things seem simple and has never met a question she didn’t like. 

Branislav Kacer

Alitu Development Team Lead

Bran is interested in anything and everything tech-related. In his free time he’s usually tinkering with some hobby side projects that will make him rich and famous one day.

Sean Walsh

Alitu Developer

Sean is passionate software developer from Dundee, Scotland. When not writing code for Alitu, he’ll be out climbing or catching up with his favourite podcasts.

Jacob Anderson

Head of Marketing

Jacob’s job here is to connect budding broadcasters with the resources they need to share their stories, laughs, and knowledge. His love for podcasts comes from waaay before his professional days, before leaving school even. Every morning at the crack of dawn he’d pick up his stack of newspapers, get an earphone in to listen to his favourite pod, and cycle around town on his paper route. There’s not much that warms up a crispy cold Scottish morning, but a hilarious conversation in your ear to keep you company does the trick.

Lindsay Harris Friel

Content Thresher

Lindsay earned an MFA in Playwriting from Temple University in Philadelphia, and took her live theatre skills straight to podcasting. She enjoys helping people find new ways to tell their stories. When she’s not writing content or participating in the Live Q&As for The Podcast Host, she enjoys making audio drama and learning more about the craft of interactive storytelling.

Daren Lake

Narrative Production Partner | Writer

Creating unique audio stories for driven and ambitious people to live with purpose.

A New York City raised now Sydney, Australia based; Award-winning jack of all trades, master of some. You can find him sitting comfortably in the intersection of audio production, storytelling, health, fitness, technology, and self-help culture.

Matt B

Matthew Boudreau

Audio Engineer/Consultant

Matthew Boudreau is an audio engineer, podcast producer, consultant and editor, and sound designer living in Buffalo, NY. He has been working in podcasting since 2008 and has over 20 years of experience as an audio professional.   His current podcast projects include sound design for The Once and Future Nerd and editing for The Activist Files for the Center for Constitutional Rights

Derrick Argent

UX/UI Designer

A multidisciplinary creative with a defined skill and experience based on graphics, design, online media and has a diverse background in photography and video.

Sarah Buchynski


Sarah Buchynski is an award-winning sound designer and audio engineer from Alberta Canada. In 2014, Sarah started an audio post-production studio, Polarity Audio Works. She currently works in the entertainment industries of audiobooks/drama, television, independent film, and independent video games. Over the last five years, Sarah has been a panellist at various events talking to students and fledgeling sound designers alike for designing sound on independent productions.

Tae Haahr


Tae is a podcast producer and host, blogger, marketing consultant and writer hailing from mostly-cold Canada. She’s passionate about film, fashion, travel and ghosts. You can hear her drone on about spooky travel destinations and weird history on The Lady Dicks and sharing embarrassing stories she hopes her mom never hears on The Fattest Girl in the Room. When she’s not podcasting up a storm, you can find her watching re-runs of The Mummy and hanging out with her best bud, Benny the Pug.