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The Podcraft Podcast

Monetising your Podcast through Affiliate Marketing | S5E02 Podcraft Podcast

Now we’re we’re into the detail of Series 5, exploring in-depth the range of monetisation methods for podcasting. Today, it’s affiliate marketing, and how you can use affiliate deals to monetize your show. Affiliate marketing is a great one to start with, I think, because it really is available to anyone, right away. Podcast affiliate marketing

The Podcraft Podcast

How to Crowdfund a Podcast | Podcraft Podcast S5E7

In this episode, we’re covering crowdfunding. It’s the fashionable way, these days, to start selling a product, but can it also work for something like a podcast? Well, a number of shows have proven it can. Let’s find out how! A Question for You Are you crowdfunding your show, do you know someone who is,


Monetising your Podcast by Selling the Show Itself | Podcraft Podcast S5E6

In this episode, I’m looking at how to make money by selling the show itself. That means either selling episodes, selling upgrades, or re-purposing the show into a related product. For some, this is the most obvious (and easiest!) way to get started in Podcast monetization. For others, it can be a lot of work,


Monetising a Podcast Through Donations & Patreon | Podcraft S5E5

In the episode we’re looking at the slightly tricky world of donations. Can you make money through donations in Podcasting? Yes, you definitely can, and I’ll talk you through all of the different methods within this episode. New platforms such as Patreon which are starting to make this even easier, and there are approaches to

Podcast Sponsorship Advertising: How Does it Work?

Podcast Sponsorship & Advertising: How Does it Work?

This is probably one of the most awaited episodes of the series, because sponsorship is seen as the ‘holy grail’ of podcasting for many. Think about it – you record a show on something you love, you enjoy the process and thousands of people listen. Then, somehow, some way, you talk for 30 seconds about

Selling a Product or Service Through Podcasting

Selling a Product or Service Through Podcasting | Podcraft Podcast S5E3

Last time around we covered affiliate marketing for podcasters. That basically means selling other people’s products and services through your show. This time we’re moving closer to home, and that means selling YOUR OWN products and services as part of a podcast. This is aimed at anything from startup businesses looking to promote and service,