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Plan & Launch

You don't just want to start any old podcast: You want to launch a show that has an impact, grows a fanatical audience, and thrives. With that in mind, here are the essentials we'll need to put in place.

Step 1

Building your foundations

Solid foundations are as important for your podcast as they are for any structure. Here, we help you construct the framework you’ll form your content around.

How to start your podcast

how to start a podcast

How to Start a Podcast

Learn how to start a podcast, launch your show and start growing! This complete step-by-step beginners guide goes from initial idea, to going live, to snagging your first 100 listeners.

Hone your USP

How to Make Your Podcast Unique

How do you make your podcast unique to stand out to your target audience? Here are five key factors towards finding your Unique Selling Point.

Target your ideal listener


Seeking Your Ideal Podcast Listener

Demographics vs. psychographics is another way of thinking about WHO we reach versus WHY we reach them. Let’s see how these concepts work together.

Choose a format

podcast formats

What Kind of Podcast to Make?

Podcast formats are like little roadmaps for your episodes. They’re the framework you build your content on, and the way you deliver it to your audience for maximum impact.

Step 2

Podcasting best practices

There’s rarely a right or wrong way in podcasting, but there are a few best practices to help you stack conditions in your favour.

How to name your podcast

podcast names

Choosing the Perfect Podcast Name

Are descriptive podcast names the “best”, or should you get more creative? Here’s how to choose a name that best works for your show.

How long should your episodes be?

how long should a podcast be

How Long Should My Podcast Be?

The ‘how long should a podcast be’ question depends on a few key factors. Here, we cover them & help you find your perfect length!

How to name your episodes

podcast episode titles

How Should I Name My Episodes?

Your podcast episode titles are vital to the success of your show. Here are some things to consider prior to hitting publish.

How to write your podcast description

how to write a great podcast description

Tips for Writing a Podcast Description

How do you write a podcast description that convinces potential listeners to hit play? Here are our top tips (with examples)

Step 3

The logistical stuff

Finally, there are some more practical steps to navigate before your podcast can see the light of day.

How to create your podcast cover art

how to make podcast cover art

How to Make a Podcast Logo

Whether you like it or not, most listeners judge podcasts by their covers. So here’s how to make the most of yours!

How to publish your podcast

how to publish a podcast

How to Upload & Publish a Podcast

After running through this quick overview, you’ll understand the next steps better and know what to avoid and why!

Which hosting platform should you use?

best podcast hosting options

Best Podcast Hosting Sites

Looking for the best podcast hosting service on the planet? Take our quiz to find the best fit in seconds.

How to make your show available in Apple, Spotify, & everywhere else

best podcast directories

Best Podcast Directories

Here are the best podcast directories to cover your bases when it comes to maximum podcast distribution.

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